Detroit, Michigan Property Solutions – How Window Tinting Improves Commercial Office Buildings

Detroit, Michigan Property Solutions - How Window Tinting Improves Commercial Office Buildings

Whether you own a property investment or are running a business or company in your own building, proper maintenance, upkeep and building improvements is key. When it comes to commercial buildings, upgrading a structure to make if more esthetically pleasing, efficient or secure, can be an extremely costly proposition. However, there is a simple often-overlooked solution that can address these issues very effectively in a cost efficient and undisruptive manner. 

While many locations throughout North America such as Detroit, Michigan have real estate market conditions that may preclude the ability to make major building upgrades financially feasible, adding window tinting to a commercial building is often a viable and worthy upgrade. The benefits are numerous, including added safety, security, sun control, energy savings, elevated design aesthetics and even improving productivity. 

Here are some of the benefits of window tinting according to CI Window Tinting in Detroit, Michigan

1. Improves Comfort

It’s a great way to create a comfortable working environment. For instance, hot summer months can make the interior of an office building feel warm and humid. Tinted windows ward away the sun’s rays. This results in a cooler indoor temperature. Employees who work in a comfortable surrounding tend to focus more on their work, thus increasing their productivity.  

2. Interior aesthetics

Office aesthetics is another reason why you should consider window tinting. The more a work environment looks good; the more employees also feel good. You can expect employees to perform better in a desirable work space. Tinted windows can allow the entry of natural lighting into the working area without the need of blinds, which in turn helps employees increase focus, alertness, and attention.

3.  Privacy and protection

If you need to keep your premises more secure, window tinting can even become a critical business investment. Special window tinting films can make your windows stronger against shattering. These tints provide an extra layer to the windows, therefore making them even more durable. Additionally, window tinting provides an extra layer of privacy. Employees can focus on their tasks at hand without strangers peering over them. 

4. Reduce glare

A lot, if not all, of today’s businesses, rely on computers to make things more accessible, convenient, and efficient. Employees who are on the computer for most of their working hours understand how irritating it can be to deal with glare. Glare takes place when sunlight enters through the windows and reflects on the computer screen. As a result, the employee can feel eye strain, fatigue, headache, and forced to work in awkward positions. This results to a compromised productivity and quality. Window tinting can help reduce glare on computers by allowing natural light in, without the negative impacts of glare.

5. Encourage natural lighting

Offices and establishments with un-filmed windows do tend to feel light and airy, but they also carry implications to employees’ health and productivity. For instance, untreated windows can allow a lot of glaring light to enter, along with the harmful UV rays. Window tinting allows access to all the positive attributes of sunlight while blocking the harmful UV rays. Natural lighting is known to increase the body’s serotonin levels, which helps you feel more cheerful and motivated in the workplace.


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