8 Best Ways To Protect Your High-End Home

8 Best Ways To Protect Your High-End Home

A luxurious home in an exclusive area might seem like one of the safest places to live in. You might assume that any suspicious activity will be easily detected in that part of town, right?  However, the truth is that it actually makes you a target for criminals who’ll use any means to access your house, whether you’re home or away.

To ensure that your home and possessions are safe, there are various steps you can take, some of which are listed below.

1. Homeowners Insurance

Taking out homeowners insurance cover will offer financial relief in case of vandalism or burglary in your home. The cover will help repair and replace the items that have been vandalized or stolen. It’ll take care of costly repairs and replace security systems that have already stopped working. You may visit this great site and similar others to learn more about homeowners’ insurance.

2. Home Security System

Having a home security system for your high-end home will take a lot of security issues off your shoulders and give you peace of mind. A home security system will allow you remote access to devices since all security devices will be connected to a single device. 

It’ll alert you of an intrusion in real-time, even when you’re away. You can also schedule lights to turn on or off if you’re away to give the illusion that you’re home, as well as access security cameras and even close and open door locks.

3. Reinforce And Upgrade Your Doors And Windows               

Don’t make it easy for burglars to gain easy access to your home through doors, windows, and other entrances. Burglars who break into luxurious homes come prepared to deal with sophisticated and advanced locks and systems. Having mechanical locks on your doors and windows is outdated and is like leaving the entrances open for easy access.

To ensure that your home is secure whether you’re home or away, reinforce your doors and windows using ballistic glass or steel doors that are bullet- and smash-resistant. These will form a barrier and frustrate any potential burglar from gaining access to your home. You should also install glass break and door sensors to alert you in case of an attempted break-in. 

Moreover, use a biometric system to ensure only authorized people gain entry into your home through facial recognition, fingerprints, or a retinal scanner. 

4. Security Lighting 

Most break-ins occur at night, when it’s dark and hard to notice criminal activities. Putting enough outdoor lighting along pathways in the back and front yards will discourage any potential invader from attempting to get into your compound.  

Motion sensor lights installed in darker places in your outdoor space will catch intruders off-guard and make them flee.

5. High-Tech Surveillance Cameras

It’d be hard to monitor activities in and around your high-end home without surveillance cameras. Installing outside-focused cameras with face detection, digital zoom, and night vision capabilities will ensure that any suspicious activity outside your home is captured, and you’ll be alerted in real-time. 

Before a home invasion, burglars can hack your home security system to disable alarms and cameras, therefore, making their work easy. To avoid such an instance, get an outdoor camera system that’s independent of the main home security system.

6. High Security Fences

High solid security fences will not only make it difficult for burglars to get into your property, but those fitted with anti-climb devices, like razor spikes, barbed wire, or an electric fence added on top of the wall, will make it impossible for a climb over. Planting prickly plants around the perimeter of your fence will also prevent invaders from gaining entry.

7. Secure Your Garage

While securing other places around your luxurious home, don’t forget the garage. Otherwise, the items stored in your garage will become easy targets for burglars. The door that connects the garage to your home can also be used by invaders to easily access your home if not properly secured. 

To secure the garage, make sure that windows are covered if valuable items have been kept in there. A smart garage door opener will also enable you to access your garage remotely for any suspicious activity and alert you when there’s an intruder. 

Alarms installed in the driveway will also scare away intruders in case of an invasion.

8. Store Valuables Safely

Displaying your valuables and leaving them in places where anyone can see them is inviting trouble. Burglars mostly break into high-end homes to steal money, antiques, and jewelry. Storing your valuables in a water-proof and fire-resistant safe is one of the safest storage solutions. Anchored safes are better than portable ones, however, if you prefer the portable ones, make sure that it’s too heavy to be easily broken into or carried away. 


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Security should be one of the top priorities in your high-end home to keep off intruders. To keep your home and possessions safe, identify where security needs to be improved and act promptly.


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