Choosing The Right Mattress For Your New Apartment – A Complete Guide

Choosing The Right Mattress For Your New Apartment

Whether it’s your first or not, a new apartment calls for a new and improved bedroom. This means a personal, relaxing, but most importantly, comfortable space. Sometimes, people spend much of their time and budget on aesthetics without prioritizing comfort. This temporary satisfaction often results in serious health problems, as your body doesn’t get the required rest and comfort necessary.

Choosing the right mattress for your new apartment sure is a hard nut to crack, but it’s essential. So, if you are getting a new apartment, put a hold on the aesthetics and set a few bucks aside for the most important thing in your room: a mattress. To help you out, we took it upon ourselves to curate this guide that has everything you need to know when buying a new mattress.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your New Apartment

Mattress Size

First, you need to figure out what size mattress you want. You need to keep in mind the number of people using the mattress, their height and weight, the measurements of the bed frame, and the size of your room. The most common mattress sizes are twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king. A twin mattress is generally for kids or shorter individuals. However, a twin XL can fit a young adult. You can also go with a full-size mattress if you want the extra space.

Meanwhile, a queen mattress can easily fit two people and fit in most spaces. Thus, they’re the perfect addition to the bedroom in your new apartment. Moreover, a queen-size mattress will allow sleepers to stretch out and toss around comfortably. No matter your preferred sleeping position, you’ll be able to get a whole night’s rest. If you are looking to buy one, here are some of the best queen mattresses, according to sleep experts.

If you prefer to sleep with a lot of extra space, or perhaps you have a child or pet to accompany you and your partner, a king-size mattress is a perfect fit. However, they do require quite a bit of space, so you should measure the length and width of your bedroom before buying one.

Mattress Type

The next thing you need to consider is what type of mattress you want. The most common types of mattresses are:

  1. Memory foam
  2. Innerspring
  3. Hybrid
  4. Latex
  5. Airbed

The mattress type you want or need should depend on your body type, pre-existing medical conditions, and, of course, your preferred sleeping position.

Sleeping Position

If you tend to shift a lot and change positions frequently throughout the night, a latex or hybrid mattress with medium firmness is probably going to work best for you. They provide the best of both worlds: comfort and support.

For side sleepers, either memory foam or gel-infused mattresses would work best. Foam mattresses relieve the pressure that sleeping on your side puts on your hips and shoulders. A memory foam mattress is also best for you if you suffer from hip pain.

If you prefer to sleep on your back, you should opt for a hybrid mattress with medium firmness. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of foam and innerspring, providing you with the right amount of support. Moreover, a hybrid mattress works to relieve the tension in your shoulders and back.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you need a mattress that keeps your hips aligned with your spine. For that, a hybrid or innerspring mattress will do the job. These mattresses offer a lot of support, which is precisely what you need if you sleep on your stomach.

Body Type

It would be best to consider your weight when buying a new mattress. The mattress you use should support your weight and keep you from sinking in. This is important because gravity will put excess pressure on your back and joints if your mattress is too soft. As a result, you may face short- and long-term problems. A hybrid mattress is probably your best bet if you weigh more than average.

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical condition, it’s best to discuss it with your physician to avoid later troubles. For lower back pain, a medium-firm hybrid or innerspring mattress is best. On the other hand, memory foam or latex mattress will provide the support you need if you suffer from upper back pain.

If you suffer from neck pain, opt for a latex mattress. Thanks to the coil layers, a latex mattress will relieve the pressure and provide adequate support. You might also want to consider a hybrid mattress for added comfort.

For people with allergies, it’s best to go with hypoallergenic mattresses. These mattresses have antimicrobial properties, meaning there is a lesser chance for mold, dust mites, allergens, or bacterial buildup.

Mattress Quality

Now that we have the size and the type out of the way, the next thing you should consider is the quality. There are thousands of companies selling mattresses nowadays, and it is a bit intimidating to choose one. The best way to do that is to read legitimate and authentic reviews about the brand. These reviews will offer pros and cons about the product and the brand.

If you are confused about anything, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult a professional. Buying a mattress is a big deal, and the mattress you decide on will stay with you for around eight to twelve years. So, rushing into buying is not the wisest thing to do. Take your time and do your research.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right mattress for your new apartment is not an easy task, but it is important. So, pay close attention to the mattress type and the size as it will stick with you for a long time. Consult a professional if the decision is still too confusing. In the end, we hope this guide helped make the process a bit easier.


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