Roof Damaged By Storm – What You Must Know To Get Insurance Approval

Roof Damaged By Storm - What You Must Know To Get Insurance Approval

If your room is damaged by a severe storm, it has many forms. The damages could be tree branches falling on your home’s roof or parts of shingles gone with the devastating storm. Many homeowners are clueless as to what they should do if their roof sustains serious damage.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, a visual examination is essential to understand what you need to look for when your roof is damaged. You may climb up to your home roof, inspect the damage using binoculars, or use a drone-mounted camera. The first thing you need to do is talk to the insurance company when you notice roof damage after a storm. Read on to learn more.

The insurance filing process is unclear and confusing

Insurance claiming is often confusing and some firms take advantage of it to scam homeowners. If the insurance agents understand that you’re desperate to file a claim considering the severe roof damage, they will confuse you with lies and false information. That’s why you need to get in touch with a professional roofing company to inspect the extent of damage and inquire about the cost of roof repair or replacement, as the case might be. We recommend that you do a proper inspection by a roofer to understand the actual cost of the repair or replacement. Learning about this before filing a claim will work to your benefit.

Avoid signing any paper before getting the claim approved

There are a few roofing companies that try to convince homeowners to sign documents before the roof inspection process is complete. We’re not saying that all are the same, but few fly-by-the-night roofing contractors exist. So, if a roofer forces you to lock into an agreement, it puts them in a position to manipulate you before you get insurance approval. That’s why you need to consult with Integris Roofing near Houston, TX to do a roof inspection before signing any paper.

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If a shady roofing company wants you to sign before the inspection, they lack honesty. A reliable roofing company will first let you know about the insurance process and give you a transparent view of whether your roof is damaged or not and how much the cost is for replacement. It will also make you stress-free knowing that a professional roofer is there to help you.

Hire a roofing contractor carefully

Once the insurance claim is approved, research online to choose an experienced roofing contractor who has dealt with clients with roof damage by storms. If they have experience working with insurance companies, there is nothing like it.

Make a list of five roofing firms and choose the best one instead of getting too many quotes from multiple companies. Try to settle for a reasonable quote, not something too affordable or very exorbitant.


Keep these pointers in mind when your roof is storm-damaged and you need insurance approval to cover the cost of replacement. Work with a reliable roofing contractor near you.


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