9 Exterior Renovations To Boost Curb Appeal Of Your Home

9 Exterior Renovations To Boost Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Now is the perfect time to engage in some home improvement projects if you’re thinking of boosting your home’s exteriors. No matter the reason, whether you’re preparing for a future sale or instill a lasting impression among your visitors, family, and friends—it’s effective in improving your home’s overall curb appeal. Aside from the mentioned purposes, it will also increase the overall value of your home.

A house’s exteriors are often overlooked by owners since they rarely see it from a passerby’s point of view. One thing you can do, however, is to place yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes. This will enable you to spot some possible remodeling ideas. You can even approach a third-party house buyer like Time Worthy Property Solutions and solicit their opinions on how you can improve your house’s value and worth, especially if you’re planning to sell the same.

Listed below are some innovative exterior renovations you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home:

1. Prioritize Lawn Care

If your home has a front or back yard, lawn care must always be prioritized. It has a significant role in maintaining the curb appeal of your home. What you need to do is to mow the grass, rake off fallen leaves, and pull weeds, to retain the condition of your beautiful lawn.

Ensure to keep it well-watered to prevent any brown patches on the grass. You should water your lawn more often especially during the summer months. As long as you execute lawn care the right way, you won’t need to spend a lot on this project.

Simply hire a professional lawn mower specialist if you can’t afford the time to do it regularly. If your area is dry and grasses aren’t surviving, you may search for some lawn alternatives like artificial turf or shrub beds instead.

2. Add Some Lighting

A dark entryway is not only dangerous and spooky but will also make your guests feel unwelcome even before they step into the front door. Replace the lamp or lantern by your front door with something brighter. There are many lighting devices and hanging pendants that are elegant and can give your home a positive vibe.

You should also constantly clean the cobwebs and debris around the light-colored fixtures as they can be the main reason for having a darker entryway. You may opt for solar-powered lanterns if you want something more cost- and energy-efficient.

3. Change Your Mailbox

Mailboxes are one of the things that most households take for granted to update. Replace your decades-old mailbox with something more modern and stylish. While this is an easy project to take on, it will truly create a significant improvement for your home’s curb appeal. Set a budget of about USD$50-USD$200 to buy a new mailbox.

4. Buy Fresh Coat Of Paint

Exterior Home Renovation

You may be an extremely busy person, and you may have simply forgone repainting your home’s exteriors. Even though your home might not look as aged as other old homes, chipped or faded exterior paints contribute to making your home look older than it actually is. Decide to repaint it with a fresher color palette and replace your sidings too. You’ll be surprised at how it will cause a drastic effect on your home’s appeal.

5. Get A New Front Door

Another renovation to consider is changing the front door of your house. There are many available designs and materials for your front door, and they offer handcrafted ones which may come at a higher price. However, if your budget is somewhat limited, you can always go for an inexpensive choice and paint it well to create the look you want to go for.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for your front door is its overall quality. Ensure that it’s robust enough to withstand intense weather, and it should also be safe and secure enough to protect your family and property. You may likewise invest in a new keypad lock as a modern upgrade to your front door.

6. Clean The Gutters

Like your roof, your gutters should also be checked and cleaned regularly, especially during the rainy season when water might get stuck due to the debris and leaves. You can do a bit of research on how to do this task yourself. Otherwise, you can hire professional gutter cleaners who are experts in maintaining and upgrading your gutters.

7. Go Green

Having some fresh greenery incorporated into your home is a sure way to boost your curb appeal. You may opt for hanging plants, flowers, or potted plants. Various kinds of greenery ideas will turn your home into a more beautiful sanctuary. Not to mention, involving yourself in a gardening hobby will be good for your physical and mental health.

You may use plants to accentuate or frame the focal points in your home, like the windows, entryways, or balconies. You may also look for adequate room for some greens in your home’s exteriors.

8. Upgrade House Numbers

Another thing that is often forgotten by homeowners is the house numbers. Remove your old house numbers and replace them with new ones that will make your door stand out. Choose a font that will work well with the front door design and color. Buying this does not require much money as an investment, and it’s an easy task too. You can have it replaced in thirty minutes or so.

9. Add Outdoor Furniture

Find the right outdoor furniture to give more value to your exteriors. However, don’t be excessive by displaying too many of them as they’ll only end up looking cluttered. Find the right design coupled with great functionality.

Choose pieces of furniture that you and your family can use while spending time outside. Go for minimalistic designs if your yard is small.


With all these brilliant exterior renovations, your home’s curb appeal will drastically change for the better. They won’t even take a lot of money nor time to complete. If your home already has distinctive elements and just needs a few retouches, doing these tips will make your house stand out even better. You’ll be surprised at how impactful these small renovations are to your home.