Looking To Increase Your Productivity? Try Revamping Your Home Office

Looking To Increase Your Productivity? Try Revamping Your Home Office

Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many people have been forced to work from home. For senior professionals this can mean having to perform their stressful daily tasks in the hustle and bustle of their busy home. This means that investing in a suitable home office where you’re able to be your most productive is essential. This does not mean to say that your home office interior design has to be just like your regular city. With a home office you can incorporate your personal style and interior preferences into the room, allowing you to be more comfortable at work, driving increased productivity.

Below are some of the ways you can revamp your home office, making it an ideal workspace for you and your zoom colleagues.

Go for wooden blinds

Your home office needs will of course be different to the needs of all the other rooms in your home. Yes, you want your office to be comfortable, but you will need a well-built desk, a quiet place to take calls, and some sturdy blinds to keep the glare off your screen at the brightest moments of the day. You will also want your home office to exert the kind of positive energy you need for a productive day at work, so it may be helpful to incorporate some fresh flowers or potted plants into the room to add a little something extra. 

Although it may be tempting to opt for cosy curtains for your new office, here are some reasons as to why you shouldn’t. Firstly, imagine you are on a call with a window in front of you with the sunlight glaring in. With curtains there is a closed and option option for your lighting needs unless you close one curtain leaving you with a half-lit face. Additionally, with the window open curtains could be more likely to move in the wind, leaving your computer equipment susceptible to damage while you’re on your lunch break. 

To avoid these potential issues associated with curtains, we suggest investing in some classic wooden blinds. Not only do wooden blinds offer a stylish, yet modern look to your office, but they come with various benefits such as child safety features and the option to position your blinds at the right angle so you can have the perfect lighting for all your video calls. Wooden blinds also offer that much needed privacy since they are opaque. Besides, wooden blinds come in a variety of colours and styles to suit the office aesthetic you so desire. 

You may be in your home but your home office needs to be different. The moment you step into the room, it should give off the right kind of energy. As such, ditch your normal curtains and opt for wooden blinds. White wooden blinds are a favourite for many due to their simple colour, yet timeless designs. This type of blind can last you for years to come with their high versatility and low-maintenance upkeep. Additionally, these blinds are super cost effective, so you can have both style and budget in your control. 

Consider your desired wall color

Research has shown that colors can have a significant impact on our moods. For example, dull colours have been shown to impact our moods significantly. This may mean that the colour you decide on for your walls will play a part in your blind, curtain and sofa choices. For example, if you opt for a simplistic white wall, you may then wish to add a dash of colour in your sofa choice by choosing a blue sofa for instance, or if you already have a bold colour on the walls, a timeless white wooden blind may be the perfect choice for you. 

If you prefer, you can avoid monochromatic colours and opt for more vibrant hues. You could even match your office with your company’s branding, bringing the colour scheme of your office into your home, making your work feel a little closer to home. 

Additionally, if you are the only person who will be making use of the home office, you may wish to incorporate cooler colours that create a relaxing atmosphere to promote stress relief and a soothing work environment. 

Office organisation is key

A disorganised space creates a disorganised mind. Disorganisation has shown to be one of the key reasons for failure in all aspects of our lives, and not just in the business environment. It is essential that you make sure to organise the space around you, such as keeping your desk clutter free, making sure your books, pens, staplers and other office equipment is kept in a neat and tidy manner. Nothing is more of a productivity drainer than the realisation that you now need to spend 20 minutes clearing your space before you get to work, or can’t find a pen on a crucial work call. 

Decluttering is also another way to effectively organise your space. It is one of the simplest ways to add functionality to your home office. That way, you have a more work-friendly space and the ability to focus more clearly throughout your working day.

Light up the room

Insufficient lighting can be a significant health hazard. For instance, it may prompt you to adopt improper posture as you struggle to see whatever it is you are working on. You may also find yourself stepping on fallen objects, causing you to fall over and injure yourself. To avoid such issues, it is important to invest in proper lighting, preferably natural light. This means investing in suitable blinds that can both let light in when needed, or shut light out at bright periods of the day, and during the evening you may need to make use of lamps and other lighting fixtures as a supplement lighting option. 

Bring in nature

Nature has a unique way of calming our environment and letting fresh air into your home. Having a few house plants is all you will need to ensure a sound work environment with a hint of nature. If you are not keen on the idea of taking care of plants, there are many artificial options available to bring some colour and style into the room.


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