10 Tips To Recruit Talented Real Estate Agents

10 Tips To Recruit Talented Real Estate Agents

The success of a real estate brokerage largely depends on its team of agents. It’s no surprise, therefore, that a lot of companies are always on the lookout for top talent. And according to the experts behind the real estate recruitment tool Brokerkit, this highly competitive landscape can make it challenging to recruit the right people.

To make the process a little easier, here are the top 10 ways to recruit real estate agents. These tips will not only attract skilled agents over to your brokerage; they can also be used to support talent retention.

1. Be a Desirable Brokerage

Different real estate agents have different definitions of what makes a desirable brokerage. Obviously, there are several givens such as a great track record, professionalism, and a positive reputation in the industry. However, these are not enough. Most likely, a lot of your competitors already possess these qualities. Thus, you need to make your agency stand out.

Listen to your job candidates and take note of their requests. Be thorough in the interview process and be patient in gathering insights. You will not be able to accommodate everything all at once, but it’s important to support these needs. Indeed, a brokerage that’s adaptable is also irresistible to many agents.

2. Don’t Stick to the Script All the Time

As earlier mentioned, each real estate agent is different. Thus, you can’t just stick to a predetermined script when you recruit them. You’ll sound uninspired if you keep on communicating just one thing. Let your recruiters switch up the talking points and create a more dynamic image in the process.

3. Attend Professional Events

Let’s face it: the real estate industry can feel a little repetitive. That’s why there are plenty of professional events that combine learning, networking, and relaxation. Attend such events when you can, especially state-level or nationwide ones where you can build rapport with more agents. In addition, real estate conferences and conventions make for ideal situations to build your brand. Everyone is actively encouraged to meet and engage with colleagues during these events, so you’re already in a prime position to promote your brokerage.

4. Host Your Own Events

Speaking of events, it may be beneficial for your brokerage to stage its own. Make a night or even an entire day out of it. More importantly, make it a regular thing. By simply putting your name on various people’s calendars, you can already make an impressive mark. You can intersperse the event with workshops or other learning sessions, but make socialization the focus. This way, you can get to know a lot of talented candidates, and they can put you on their radar in turn. They might not be actively looking for a career change at the moment. However, once they are, your brokerage will be easier to remember and will likely be a top choice

5. Cultivate an Online Presence

The internet is a valuable tool for research, and you can bet that real estate agents use it to their advantage. Indeed, many agents keep track of brokerages online. That’s why you have to cultivate your online presence carefully. Don’t stop at just social media. Get a website if you don’t already have one. Incorporate sound SEO strategies, too, so that when agents perform a search, you’ll be on top of the search results.

6. Invest in the Right Social Media Platform

You can’t talk about online presence without talking about social media. Most if not all real estate agents have accounts on multiple platforms, so you have to be present as well. Indeed, social media is a great way to engage potential recruits. Just make sure that you’re on the right one. LinkedIn is a great platform for professional networking, but you may be surprised by how much more engaged people are on Facebook or even YouTube. Once you’ve found the ideal platform, make sure to provide relevant, helpful content.

7. Cast a Wide Net

When you’re recruiting real estate agents, it’s tempting to only go for the experienced ones who have made a name in the industry. However, doing this means you’ll be missing out on up-and-coming talent. Cast a wider net, instead, and craft different messages to suit the people you’re aiming to recruit.

8. Provide Mentorship and Training

For younger agents, mentorship and training are extremely valuable. These new players are eager to boost their careers, and providing them with various opportunities for growth will make them more likely to join your brokerage. Mentoring and training your team will also ensure that your company remains competitive and can continuously deliver excellence. Even long-time real estate agents can benefit from learning opportunities, especially since the industry landscape now changes at a faster pace.

According to Texas commercial real estate CEO Al Hartman, mentor and mentee relationships can provide invaluable insight and support that often becomes a key differentiating factor in the success of one’s life and career.

9. Offer More than Money

Ample compensation is an important part of recruitment. Be flexible with salary ranges, commission rates, and even referral fees. Beyond these, however, try to offer something more than money. Mentorship is a good inclusion for younger agents. Other top-notch additions to your compensation package are health insurance and paid vacation and sick days. Again, listen to your candidates so that you can provide them with customized benefits and work perks.

10. Use Tech for CRM and Other Back-End Functions

Technology is now ingrained in every industry. In real estate, it comes in the form of CRM, along with marketing, accounting, data-keeping, and other back-end functions. Investing in technology shows that you’re working toward streamlined workflows, reducing errors, and eliminating redundancies. The right technology also makes things easier in general for agents, which is definitely a great selling point.

Are you ready to welcome new real estate agents like Jeremy Snider into your company? Consider these tips to help with your recruitment process. Good luck with your recruitment drives!


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