10 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

10 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a private space where you can shed all your stress after a long day by immersing yourself in a warm bath or a soothing hot shower. With a few scented candles scattered around and soft, calming music, bathrooms provide you with a sanctuary from the troubles of life. 

Therefore, when you decide to remodel your bathroom, you need to keep certain essential factors in mind to make your private space comfortable and safe.

1. Space

Whether large or small, the more space you have in your bathroom, the more breathable it will be. Your bathroom is your comfort zone, and if you don’t have enough space to move around, you won’t feel the comfort. 

Before choosing your fixtures, make sure you take accurate measurements of the space you need for your basin, cabinets, bathtub, toilets, etc., so later on, you don’t regret buying something that won’t fit. There are bathroom remodeling companies in Cleveland that can give you the essentials you need to achieve a comfortable space

2. Toilet Height 

Another important consideration to make when renovating your bathroom is the toilet. There are two types of toilet height: comfort level and standard level. Comfort height toilets are around 17 to 19 inches (43 to 48 centimetres) high and are good for tall, elderly, and disabled people. On the other hand, standard-height toilets are perfect for most adults and children, and they also provide a better sitting position for effective bowel movements. In other words, it can help with constipation. To know more about these toilets and which one is best for you, click here.

3. Plumbing

Pay attention to your drain pipes! Typically, residential households use 40-millimetre pipes. And because of this size, it gets irritating to constantly clear out gunk and hair that clogs up the drain now and then. 

Therefore, when renovating, use a 50-millimetre pipe (if you have the space) to prevent clogged drains. The larger the drainpipe, the less likely it is for it to be clogged, and one less thing for you to worry about!

4. Lighting 

An important aspect of any bathroom is its lighting. Install natural lighting or diffuse ceiling lights, or install sconces beside the mirror so you can see well when applying makeup or shaving.

You can also install dim lights for those days when all you want to do is relax in your tub, leaving all worries behind. 

5. Heat System

It’s a cold winter night, and you need to visit the bathroom, but thinking about stepping on the stone-cold floor is giving you the chills? Don’t fret! Underfloor heating systems can provide you with warmth, not only on the floor but also in the air. 

Installing a heating system also makes sure you have a dry floor, which is essential if you have children and can prevent accidents. 

6. Electrical Outlets

When remodeling your bathroom, replace electrical wires with a 20-amp circuit along with the outlets. You can strategically place them around wherever you see fit. For instance, placing an outlet inside your medicine cabinet allows room to store your hair straightener, razors, or trimmers, so it is easily accessible. 

7. Ventilation 

No matter how small your house is, a proper ventilation system is a must. You can either install an exhaust fan or a small window to allow fresh air in and let moist air out. 

8. Storage Cabinets

You can have a small cabinet linked to the sink or medicine cabinets behind mirrors. These days you can also get foldable shelves that you can place in a corner for your toiletries, small towels, candles, decorative items, etc. 

9. Bathroom Niche

You can have inlaid bathroom or shower niches for easy accessibility for soaps, shampoos, body wash, etc. Niches save you money and also space as you don’t need to get small cabinets for everything.

10. Accessories

Investing in decorative soap dispensers, hand towel holders, toilet paper holders, and trash cans—all of these small things can contribute to making your bathroom look attractive, tidy, and organized. 

For detailed insights and tailored solutions for your bathroom renovation, especially if you’re in the Burlington area in Ontario, Canada, consider checking out https://easybathroom.ca/bathroom-renovation-burlington/ for professional guidance and services.

Does Bathroom Renovation Cost a Lot?

Bathroom renovations tend to be expensive; therefore, it is essential to prepare a budget before remodeling. For small bathrooms or if you plan to upgrade only the essentials, the minimum cost will be around $3000 to $7000. But for a full upscale renovation, it’ll be around $60K or more, depending on the quality of materials.

Tips for Low-Budget Remodeling 

To cut down costs, you can take on some of the projects yourself, such as painting the floors. There are a lot of bathroom flooring ideas to choose from, from porcelain to ceramic or wooden finishes.

  • If you’re tight on the budget, choose laminate flooring. It is not only easy on your wallet but looks stylish and expensive too. 
  • Refinish your tub or shower instead of replacing the whole thing. Cracks and yellowed surfaces can easily be remedied rather than buying a whole new tub.
  • If your sink and basin are not damaged, there’s no need to replace them. What you can do is replace the faucet, and you’re good to go.
  • Create niches instead of cabinets to keep everything easily accessible.

Renovating your bathroom shouldn’t necessarily be costly if you plan. If you have to replace all the fixtures, make sure you have enough space to move around by accurately measuring them, so they fit. Lights are just as important when you’re shaving or applying makeup. It’ll also create an ambiance for you to relax with dimmed lights. 

Create small niches beside the tub or shower area to easily access toiletries or to keep your book or phone beside you. Bathroom niches are cheaper than installing small cabinets and look sophisticated too.


Renovation of any room can be daunting and overwhelming at the same time. Bathrooms tend to get overlooked when it comes to remodeling. If there are several things you’d like to change, renovating it from scratch might be the right option. 

You can otherwise leave the bathroom alone if it’s only some materials that need upgrading. That’ll save you time and money and also give you that sophisticated look that you want.


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