Preventive Measures – A Maintenance Checklist for Responsible Homeowners

Preventive Measures - A Maintenance Checklist for Responsible Homeowners

Your home was most likely one of your biggest investments you ever made. To continue to see it as an investment, you need to dedicate an efficient amount of time and effort into keeping it well maintained. Having a maintenance checklist nearby will help ensure that you don’t miss any important tasks.

Continue reading below and take notes or print out your own copy of this full maintenance checklist so you can reference it later!


Winter’s harsh conditions will keep you from tackling exterior maintenance. What you can do is focus on keeping your home as safe as possible during these months.

Electric Wires

Check all electrical wires that connect from the power pole to your home. You need to ensure that no branches have fallen onto the wires as this can cause a fire hazard. If an issue is spotted, contact your electric company to have them removed.


When the ground surrounding your house isn’t graded properly, you could experience flooding. Have the ground around your house graded away from it so water will flow in the opposite direction of the house.


Ice can accumulate on your roof and gutters during the winter. Use a secured ladder to climb to the top and remove and ice that’s built upon the roof or in the gutters. Removing it will prevent roof and gutter damage that could lead to leaks.


Take this time to clean out the inside of your home, which may include the basement and the garage. If you’re stuck indoors, then you’ll be amazed by how much you can get done during this time.


Spring maintenance includes cleaning up after winter damages. Here are some things to look out for.

Exterior Damages

Check the outside of your home for any damages. This is the time to repair them. Sidings, shingles, air vents, and other parts of the house should be checked for damages.


Trim all trees that have branches hovering over your home with the potential of falling and causing damages. Call your electric company if any are above the power lines.


If drains aren’t cleaned regularly, you’ll end up with a clog. Be proactive and conduct drain cleaning each spring to prevent clogs from happening.


Summer is the best time to complete all your intense home repairs and maintenance. The weather is nice, and you can get outdoors and make these repairs with ease.

Water Heater

Now is the time to flush your water heater out. Sediment builds at the bottom of the heater and can cause issues in the future if not taken care of.


Your landscaping could use some care at this time as well. Trim shrubs, plant new flowers, and lay down new mulch.


Fall is the time to prepare for the winter. You know the harsh winter months are coming, and you want your house to stay safe.

Sump Pump

Do a water test to ensure your sump pump is working. Pour some water down the sump drain until it kicks on as it should.


Clean the chimney out for proper working conditions during the winter. This can be done by yourself, or you can contact a professional service.


Have professionals come out and check your HVAC system as well. You’ll need it to work properly during the winter if you want to keep your home warm.

What’s Your Maintenance Checklist Look Like?

If you don’t already have your own maintenance checklist for your home, be sure to print this one out or take down a few notes. Following these tips will keep your home safe during each season!

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