How The Pandemic Is Shaping The Future Of Interior Design

How The Pandemic Is Shaping The Future Of Interior Design

The pandemic has completely changed how we set up our electronics in our homes, the decorations we choose to keep, and the colors we surround ourselves with. As the pandemic continues, change is found more so in our personal space than on the outside. Once life goes back to normal, the following design choices will likely remain relevant.

Hygiene in Design

Prioritizing design that keeps surfaces clean is a must when you spend more time at home. It can be a pain to constantly wipe a commonly used surface or, worse, having streaky stains or watermarks you just can’t get rid of. Smart sanitaryware is used in some hospitals for its self-cleaning ability and hygienic design, preventing germs from spreading. Most homeowners don’t stop there. It’s more common than ever for people to compare the best air purifiers to freshen a room or use sanitary wipes in the bathroom and kitchen for a clean-smelling finish.

Prioritizing the Home Office

Many professionals had to start working from home during the pandemic, and the vast majority of them didn’t have a home office that could support 8 hours of work. An office used to be a casual place where you pay bills, look up a recipe, or check emails, but now, 9-5 workers needed a large work surface with expansive storage and comfortable desk chairs. Depending on how time-sensitive your job is, you may even need a faster computer, dual monitors, and a suite of programs. In the future, more emphasis will be placed on work-focus home offices.

Creative Storage

Furniture is becoming more versatile by the day, and nothing is more evident of this than creative storage solutions. You may have noticed that your home is full of clutter, but it didn’t start bothering you until you were face-to-face with it for hours a day. Buying a bench that lifts up to reveal multiple storage compartments or an ottoman with a hidden compartment can effectively hide objects you need every day without having to display them openly. In a kitchen especially, maximizing cupboard space from floor to ceiling will be a consistent trend.

Focus on the Foyer

While we were less likely to see our friends and family go in and out of the home, there was still a lot of emphasis on the home’s front and back entrances. Homeowners are more aware of maintaining sanitary areas by adding more mats, storage, and cleaning supplies near any location that exits the house. These spaces are renewed by the emphasis on their design and improved with luxurious elements. Foyers will continue to grow more functional with time and no longer act as a place to throw off coats and kick off muddy shoes.

More Emphasis on Greenery

Large windows and sliding doors make it easy to bring the outside in, but if your home or apartment doesn’t have a lot of access to an outdoor environment, it can start to get depressing. Recently, more homeowners are focusing on their mental and physical wellness, and as a result, are bringing in nature in all forms. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, you could purchase plenty of fake plants. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple windows, add flowers and tall, green plants near frequently used areas. When in doubt, sprinkle your home with wood accents.

At-Home Gyms

While waiting out the pandemic, many gym-goers noticed they weren’t getting their daily exercise requirements and started to get out of shape. It’s not their fault – it’s challenging to take a walk or lift weights if you can’t leave the home. The need for an at-home gym was on the rise before social distancing, but now, there is more emphasis on large, mirrored walls as full-scale gym equipment. Converting your basement to an exercise room will benefit your physical and mental health because you’ll keep your body moving in the comfort of your home.


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