Tips for Giving Your Home the Luxurious Feel of a Resort

Tips for Giving Your Home the Luxurious Feel of a Resort

We all deserve a bit of luxury in our lives. Working hard each day merits rewards, and indulging in the finer things in life can be a great way to treat yourself. Of course, the form these luxuries take varies from person-to-person. For some people, the last word in luxury could be visiting a sybaritic resort where you can immerse yourself in blissful relaxation. For others, it’s having the latest styles or technology.

Whatever your preferences when treating yourself, it’s important to bring some of that luxury to your home too – this is where we spend more of our time, after all. So, why not bring the act of rewarding your hard work with luxury into your home and incorporate some easy adjustments to make your humble abode feel like a 5-star resort every single day? 

Luxury sometimes can be misconstrued as nothing but expensive items, but it usually comes down to appearance and interpretation. As such, there are some crucial aspects to consider when adding that touch of resort luxury to your home. 

Less is More

Presence and perception are indicative of this idea. When we think of the most luxurious hotels or resorts, what comes to mind? You think of sleek decor, open spaces, and grand ornaments. To help replicate this, avoid over-cluttering with items you have on display. Resorts add a sense of tranquillity by giving the guest plenty of space to breathe, and every element added is eye-catching and intentional. Think of an opulent hotel and what makes it luxurious. The sumptuous lobby may have a glorious stairway and splendid decor, but the area is usually wide open and inviting. 

Leisure & Entertainment

Luxury hotels are synonymous with the pinnacle of relaxation and entertainment. The former is easily transferable by giving your bathroom that indulgent spa tone. Add a little bit of opulence to your bathroom with scented candles and deluxe bath soaps or essential oils. If you want to elevate the luxury hotel feeling, you could have a luxury hotel weekend at home, starting with a spa day. In the evening, you could bring some glamorous entertainment to your home too.

Extravagant Bedroom

Plants and Color

These features are appearing to be more on-trend than ever before. Working synchronously with the less is more approach; these factors can add a sense of space and light. The method is to use them in juxtaposition. For example, a room may be white and/or monochrome in color but have singular daring hues. Plants will then add a certain freshness and vitality to a room. In combination, it will begin to feel like a resort in no time. 


Light is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to adding a sense of luxury resort to your home. If used effectively, it can transform any room into a desirable destination. Make use of natural light to the best of the ability of the room and have bright bulbs in any overhead lighting. Striking lamps and light units can make your home even more elegant.

Every home is capable of that extra little bit of luxury, and transforming your home to resemble an affluent resort can be easily achieved. Using what you have and cleverly making use of space can make your home feel 5-star every day.


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