Why Do You Need A Snowmobile Cover And How To Pick The Best One?

Why Do You Need A Snowmobile Cover And How To Pick The Best One?

Snowmobiles can be great fun, and many people are so enthusiastic that they can take their passion to great lengths. Being quite expensive, owners are generally particular about keeping clean and protected from the elements when they are not in use. You can keep your snowmobile in top condition with a good quality cover.

Why Is a Cover Necessary for Your Snowmobile?ย 

Protection against damage from bright sunlight: Even though bright sunlight is generally welcome, continued exposure of your valuable snowmobile to UV radiation can cause its paint to fade and make the plastic parts brittle. Covering the snowmobile can prevent this from happening.

Prevention against moisture ingress: While snowmobiles are built tough, continued exposure to snow, ice, sleet, and rain can lead to premature corrosion and hasten the aging process. A waterproof cover can keep the corrosion at bay better.

Safeguard from dirt and debris: There is a lot of dirt and debris flying around that can accumulate on your snowmobile and make it dirty. A weatherproof cover can keep the snowmobile clean and like new.

Prevention against animal damage: An open snowmobile is an invitation for rodents and birds to set up their nests during the long months the snowmobile is not in use. A well-fitting cover can act as a deterrent to nesting behavior and damage.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Snowmobile Dust Cover

As will be obvious not all snowmobile covers are equal in performance. The differing quality of the fabric and the construction can account for varying levels of protection. You need to know the different things you should look out for when buying a cover that is good value-for-money. Some handy tips:

The material quality: Perhaps the most important factor behind the performance of the snowmobile dust cover and its price is the kind of material used in the manufacturing and its quality. A good quality waterproof cover will not only offer superior protection from dust and moisture but also will offer resistance to mold and mildew. According to the CDC, mold can cause allergies and severe respiratory issues. Ideally, the cover should have three layers. The top layer offers protection against the elements and dust, the breathable middle layer offers water resistance while allowing the fabric to breathe, and the inner layer is kept soft to prevent the paint from being scratched.

The fit: A cover that fits well offers better protection to the snowmobile. You need one that fits right as if it is too tight; you will have a problem putting it on and removing it, while a loose cover will not only allow the moisture and dust in but tend to tear faster due to the flapping.


To be confident of your choice, it is better to buy a custom cover from the snowmobile manufacturer, however, if you know how to evaluate them, you can get very good deals on generic covers from third-party suppliers. Be sure not to be led astray by the price. Cheap covers do not last and need to be replaced frequently, and cost much more in the long run.


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