Luxury Home Amenities – Different Categorization and Features of Pillow Speakers

Luxury Home Amenities - Different Categorization and Features of Pillow Speakers

One of the most unique luxury touches that you can add to any home is something that you probably haven’t heard about and it’s also something that will help you relax in bed. No, we are not talking about silk sheets, a new plush mattress or air conditioning. Have you ever heard of pillow speakers? 

Pillow speakers and special speaker pillows are designed to play music or other audio near your ears as you lay in bed so you can comfortably drift off to sleep blocking out any random noise that would normally disturb you.

There are different categories and features to consider if you want to buy and make the best use of pillow speakers to ensure that you do not compromise your comfort and listening pleasure.

  • If you choose to buy the under-pillow models, the speakers will be located underneath the pillow, just as their name signifies. These speakers will send the sound waves through the pillow to your ears. Typically, these speakers are flat so that it does not affect your comfort and you do not feel the edges while sleeping on it.
  • You can choose the ‘Anywhere’ speakers that are characterized by its name. You can place these speakers anywhere around your pillow according to your wish and listening pleasure. These speakers are extremely adaptable to any sleeping area and are especially forgiving if you sleep with your partner or kids in the same room. Most of these types of pillow speakers come with a fabric cover and soft foam so that you can put your ear on them.

All these speakers are built inside the pillows and therefore there is no hassle in carrying your pillow and the speakers separately.

The different functionality and features

All these speaker pillows have the option to pre-loaded recordings as per your choice and help you to relax. However, there are others that can be connected to any audio device as well. If you are new to it you may think that these speaker pillows will not be as comfortable as a conventional pillow. Well, this is not the case even if these pillows come with an audio output attached to it.

Look at the different features and follow the Buyer’s Guide to The Best Pillow Speakers and Speaker Pillows to ensure that you get one just as you need.

These pillows come with specific functionalities which you should look and know in detail. Also look for the additional perks that come with it, if you are interested. A few of these additional features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: This will give you added comfort. These advanced speaker pillows will not need a cable and therefore eliminate the need to maneuver the cords as well as the risks in case you drop the device accidentally while changing your position while you sleep.
  • Volume control: This is another convenient feature in the speaker pillow design that will ensure optimal comfort and relaxation. You will not need to make any sudden movement to change volume if you opt for such feature in your speaker pillow.
  • Cord protection: If your pillow speaker comes with cords, you will need to protect it at all times. There may be plastic boxes in which the cord will fit in to prevent exposure or tangling making it potential for risks and damage.

Last but not least, check the packaging to look for the auxiliary factors, cord length, volume and frequency response and of course the warranty to make the best choice in the end.

Whether it’s a $50 million property in the Bird Streets of Los Angeles, a New York Penthouse overlooking Central Park, or your home where you live now, pillow speakers are an item that can add a unique touch of luxury and a bit of Zen to your life.


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