What’s The Best And Worst Location To Install A Safe In Your House?

What's The Best And Worst Location To Install A Safe In Your House?

Choosing a strategic location for a safe in your home might be challenging.

There are many things to consider before settling on a location to install your home safe. You want easy access to your valuables like jewelry, documents, and self-defense firearms, but you also want to keep them safe from things like fire, burglary, and flooding.

This article will show you the best and worst places to install your safe. Since every home is unique, we can only make recommendations for the ideal location, but ultimately, it is up to you to determine the most convenient and secure spot in your home.

Best Location in Your Home To Install a Safe 

Embed a safe in the wall

The safe can be embedded in the wall if it does not exceed a certain depth. The thickness of the wall is critical. If the hole isn’t big enough, the safe will be under pressure from the cement and will be difficult to open. You can further strengthen the safety of your valuables by hiding your wall safe in a discreet location, like behind a wardrobe, a picture frame, or a mirror. You should not attempt to do this on your own; instead, you should consult an expert.

Install it on the floor

Floor safes provide many of the same advantages as wall safes, but installing them is much more work. It can be challenging for intruders to discover a floor safe if it is covered by heavy furniture or a thick carpet. Due to their durability, difficulty to detach, and inconspicuousness, floors are widely regarded as the most optimal hiding locations for safes. Both concrete and wood floors are suitable for installing a floor safe. Also, you should check with a professional, such as a reliable locksmith in Avon, to ensure that it is appropriate for your home’s flooring.

Place it up in the attic

The attic is a good location for your mechanical safe because it is hard to get to. The only entrance is a ladder leading to, most of the time, a chaotic mess of random items. The attic is not typically considered the ideal area to hide a safe because it is often left unattended. Because of this, it’s less likely that thieves will target the area.

Put it in the basement

A heavy-duty safe from a reputable manufacturer is perfect for home usage because it is built to last. It would be difficult for someone to casually move it once it is in the basement and bolted to the concrete floor. Even if you have a smaller safe, the basement might be an excellent location for safe installation. However, because not all homes have a basement, this alternative is not suitable for everyone.

Consider a Safe Deposit Box for Added Security

While deciding on the best spot to install a safe in your home, you might also consider the option of a safe deposit box for added security. These are particularly useful for items that you don’t need to access frequently but require secure storage. For those interested in this additional security measure, check out the safe deposit box for sale at Guardian Safe & Vault. Their collection offers a variety of safe deposit boxes that cater to different needs, ensuring your valuables are safeguarded with the utmost security.

Worst Location in Your Home To Install a Safe

Inside the closet

Criminals are aware that people hide various items in the closet. Moreover, closets are relatively simple to search for. Even the most inattentive burglar will notice a safe, even if he overlooks lesser objects. If this were a game of hide & seek, you would attempt to avoid the closet because it is the most apparent hiding area.

Under your mattress

Criminals enjoy discovering concealed objects beneath beds and mattresses. This is particularly applicable to master bedrooms. Even if someone does not anticipate discovering a small safe in their home, they will search for such items. Remember that they will search this portion of the house more carefully than the other rooms. Thus, it is one of the worst places to store valuables in a safe.

In your garage

A garage is among the least secure areas of a home. Frequently protected by little more than a padlock or an automatic garage door system, a determined intruder will have little difficulty accessing this area. As a result, it’s a potential target for burglars, and the likelihood of your safe being discovered is significantly increased. In addition, if the safe is not appropriately concealed, it is apparent while the garage door is open.

Within the staircase

You may not have understood this when you built your safe beneath your stairs since you believed thieves would neglect this odd hiding area. However, most criminals know this is a common hiding area. Therefore, after searching the bedroom, they will look for safes beneath the stairs. This is because, despite being more prominent than a closet, it is still smaller than a room. Therefore, it is simple to locate and verify.

Key Takeaway 

When determining where to install a safe in your home, you have many possibilities from which to choose. However, if you lack the necessary expertise, you can risk making poor choices, which could result in the loss of your belongings. Every house has its special quirks and features. A particular solution may work perfectly in one home but not in another. Always seek professional assistance, as they can provide both professional support and sound guidance, which may help safeguard your investments.


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