What You Need to Know About Pet-Friendly Apartments in Texas

What You Need to Know About Pet-Friendly Apartments in Texas

Moving homes can be a drag, especially if it is your first time. Thankfully, we prepared tips to help take the stress out of moving. Perhaps you are planning to move to an apartment in Texas and are busy preparing your checklist. Have you included your furry buddy in your plans?

Of course, you have. But not all pet owners do that. According to the humane society, moving is the number one reason pet owners surrender their animal companions to shelters.

You don’t have to part ways with your furry buddy just because the landlord won’t allow it. You can find great pet-friendly apartments in Texas. This article will help you to zero in on the perfect pet-friendly apartment in no time.

Pet-friendly versus Pets Allowed: What’s the Difference?

As you search on the net, you must have come across several apartment ads stating pets allowed and others have a banner “pet-friendly.” As a renter, these ads may confuse you. Many renters assume the two mean the same thing. But they do not, and it is crucial to understand what each term means. 

If the apartment allows you to stay there with your pet, it is a pets-allowed home. Pet-friendly properties allow animal residents and provide pet-centric amenities like a dog park or a grooming station. 

Narrow your search to pet-friendly apartments in Texas. The right one will save you lots of trouble, and you will be at peace. Nevertheless, pet-allowed and pet-friendly apartments often have strict pet policies. There is no guarantee that they will accept your furry buddy. 

Pet-friendly Apartments May Have Restrictions

There are many pet-friendly apartments in Texas. But most of them have restrictions and limitations. It is not straightforward that they will accept your furry buddy. The property owner may be open to pets. But, they will insist that the pets have to meet specific criteria before you have a green light. 

Landlords often have reservations about the type, the breed, and the number of animals living with their tenants. Housing a goldfish is not the same as keeping an exotic pet in your apartment. If you think that your dog is the same as any other, you are wrong. German Shepherds and French Bulldogs are both wonderful dog breeds. But the former is more likely to be aggressive and could disturb neighbors. Some property owners restrict aggressive dogs. 

But that does not leave you helpless. If the landlord is hesitant about your pet, bring your friendly furry buddy over for a meet-up. Many property owners put up hurdles for pet-owning tenants because they rely on generalities and stereotypes about the behaviors of animals. If your friendly furry buddy is gentle and well-mannered, the landlord will have no option but to fall in love.

Expect to Pay More

Apart from restrictions on the type of animals, the number, and the breed, expect property owners to charge pet fees and security deposits. Pet fees or pet rent are recurrent, can range from $100 to $500, and are charged per month or quarter. In some places, depending on the apartment, type of pet, and the number of animals, the fees could be higher. On the other hand, security deposits are one-off fees charged by property owners as insurance against damage. 

The amount depends on the apartment and type of pet, and it is often refundable. However, landlords will inspect the apartment before refunding. If there are any cat scratches, pee stains, or any other kind of pet damage, the property owner may decline to return the cash. 

What a Pet-friendly Apartment Looks Like

Now that you know the hurdles and what to do about them, consider what you and your furry buddy want. The perfect pet-friendly apartment should not just be comfortable for you and your pet; it should also be practical. Thus, it should have several amenities embedded in its features or close by. 

The most crucial feature of a pet-friendly apartment is space. It should have sufficient room for you and your furry buddy to live and move around. Also, look out for natural light and ease of cleaning. Besides these, look out for the following features found on pet-friendly apartments. 

  • Dog walking stations with free poop bags. 
  • Pet grooming stations.
  • A nearby green space. 
  • Mantles, shelves, or window seats for cats. 
  • Appropriate floor – carpets are great, but pets can mess them up. 
  • Finally, a pet-friendly landlord and neighbors will be a great plus for you and your pet.

To Conclude, Moving In and Living with Pet-friendly Neighbors

Finding the perfect pet-friendly apartment is not easy. But the above information makes it easier to pick a suitable home. Make sure that you plan the move as meticulously as you searched for the apartment. Set up a comfortable place to rest for your pet. Also, try to maintain the pet’s routine as much as possible. But don’t be quick with outdoor activities. Let the pet familiarize with the new surroundings first. Be respectful to your neighbors and their pets, and make sure your furry buddy is always on the best behavior.



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