What Is A Velour Carpet?

What Is A Velour Carpet?

Carpets provide a comfortable texture for the feet and a beautiful floor scene to the eyes. There are many types of carpet you can choose from that will perfectly match your home décor and ambiance. One of the most in demand carpet styles is velour carpet. Learn more about velour carpets by reading below.

What Is A Velour Carpet? 

velour carpet is also called plush pile and velvet pile carpet. It’s a dense and short-cut pile carpet with a soft velvet appearance. The upright finish of a velour carpet makes it perfect to create a formal look. This soft carpet looks elegant and luxurious, perfect for cold feet.

How Is A Velour Carpet Made? 

A velour carpet has a smooth cut pile that gives a very soft feel. The tufts are sheared during manufacturing to flatten the plush pile perfectly. It’s made in many various, solid colors. Because of their attractive look, velour carpets are one of the most sought carpet styles on the market.

Choosing A Velour Carpet 

Like other major purchases for your home, weighing all the advantages and drawbacks is essential before choosing a velour carpet.

Take a look at the following advantages of a velour carpet: 

  • Durable: Velvet carpet is a durable form of carpet manufactured for superior comfort and heavy foot traffic. This type of carpet is perfect for your living room and bedroom.
  • Versatile: Velour carpets come in different colors, and they’re compatible with a broad range of themes and styles.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The soft texture and versatility of velour carpet beautifully complement any décor style you want to achieve in your living space. Upgrade your living room with a velvet carpet and receive praises from your guests and visitors.

Take a look at the following drawbacks of a plush carpet: 

  • Shows Indentations: Plush carpets have a light fiber pile. That is why this type of carpet is easily indented by heavy foot traffic and furniture. Vacuum your velour carpet regularly to get rid of indentations. Indentions are instantly swept with new foot traffic.
  • Risk of Watermarking: Compared to other types of carpet, velvet carpet has a higher risk of watermarking due to localized permanent pile reversal. Don’t worry because watermarking is a normal occurrence, and it’s not a manufacturing defect.

How To Clean A Velour Carpet

Clean and maintain your velour carpet so it’ll last for many years. Follow these steps when cleaning and maintaining plush pile carpets: 

  • Use Recommended Carpet Cleaning Products: Don‘t use ordinary detergent and soap on your velour carpet. Test a new carpet cleaner on a small, non-visible spot before applying to the entire carpet to ensure it is the best for your velvet carpet.
  • Do Regular Vacuuming: Accumulated dirt and grime can cause wearing down of the fabric and discoloration. So, it’s important to maintain the beautiful look and soft feel of velour carpeting through regular vacuuming. Vacuum and clean your carpet at least twice a week. For high traffic areas, vacuum it more.
  • Clean Spills Immediately: Never scrab a velvet carpet. Clean a wet spill using paper towels and blot the moisture immediately. Don’t spread the stain, so avoid blotting the spill outwards. Clean your velour carpet thoroughly, and make sure to remove all the cleaning agent’s residues with cold water.
  • Use Doormats: Don’t wear outdoor shoes on velour carpet because it will make the carpet more difficult to clean. The dirt and grime on your shoe’s underside go into the carpet fiber easily. Use doormats near entry points of your home to collect dirt and mold. It will avoid collecting dust in your velvet carpet.
  • Protect Your Carpet From Sunlight: Your carpet will fade with constant sunlight exposure. Use window treatments, like blinds and curtains, to protect your velour carpet on bright days.
  • Don’t Keep Heavy Objects Stationary: Moving heavy furniture and objects around will prevent crushing the piles. Permanently keeping a thing above the velour carpet will cause flattening of the fiber piles, which look unappealing. Move heavy furniture pieces from time to time. By doing so, your velour carpet will have an even and beautiful look over time.


A velour carpet provides enhanced comfort and appearance with slightly twisted and short piles. It’s an excellent choice for your living room, bedroom, and other spaces. When choosing a carpet, weighing the benefits and drawbacks is essential to get the best value for your money. Once you use velour carpet, make sure to perform regular cleaning. Avoid heavy objects from standing on this type of carpet for a very long time to avoid indentations.


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