UK Property Investment Opportunities – 4 Predicted Buy To Let Hotspots for 2019

UK Property Investment Opportunities - 4 Predicted Buy To Let Hotspots for 2019

Whether you’re a recreational investor dabbling in the UK property market for the first time, or an experienced investor look for to expand your portfolio, investing in one of these 4 buy to let hotspots could pay off and earn you a tidy profit during 2019.

Despite Brexit fears being a major factor for market sentiment right now, there are a number of lucrative property investment opportunities out there for those willing to get ahead of the game and take advantage of the situation, most of which are rooted in buy to let hotspots such as Nottingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham.


Nottingham - UK Property Investment Opportunities

The East Midlands property market saw the second highest growth rate across the UK according to Nationwide and is also forecast to experience the third fastest and strongest increase in house prices within the next five years.

The central city, which is famed for its rich historical culture and excellence, is also home to two different top-ranking universities and a student population of 40,000. The demand for purpose built rented accommodation is not only driven by students, but young professionals also who want to live centrally and have chosen to relocate to the area after studying there for a number of years.

Affordable property prices below the national average paired with two NG postcodes in the top five in the country for attractive buy to let yields, Nottingham is an extremely lucrative spot for landlords looking to secure strong rental income and enjoy a potential long-term profit.


Edinburgh - UK Property Investment Opportunities

Properties in Edinburgh, Scotland are the fast selling in the county recent figures from Zoopla show, taking just 22 days on average to get snapped up. The active and lively property market in Edinburgh lends itself perfectly to landlords looking to secure rental income all year round, regardless of peak times and demand is driven by Airbnb season after season.

But it isn’t just short-term basis rentals that landlords can expect to benefit from, but long-term rentals also. New developments in the east of the capital will put Edinburgh on the map as a profitable hotspot for buy to let investment in the UK.


Liverpool - UK Property Investment Opportunities

Huge investments in the infrastructure of Liverpool have been made in recent years, and the major development projects that continue to take root in the city are set to have a huge impact. The metropolitan borough has gained attention for its involvement in the Northern Powerhouse initiative and is set to benefit from improved connectivity links and upgraded institutions within the education sector. With an economy now worth over £149 billion and an ever-growing population, Liverpool is a gold mine of opportunities for the right landlord.

There is also a strong student population in Liverpool thanks to the four universities situated in the vibrant city, and students continue to drive the demand for property. So, if you’re looking for new opportunities to make a profit, then student buy-to-let investment in Liverpool is a must.

Famed for its stunning waterfront setting and breathtaking skyline, Liverpool is now one of the most popular BTL hotspots where landlords can enjoy both rental return and capital growth. Oh, and it’s still possible to bag yourself a property bargain in Liverpool.


Birmingham - UK Property Investment Opportunities

Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, hasn’t always been on the radar for landlords and investors, but recent figures suggest that a growth in property prices in Birmingham could give London a run for its money as the most popular buy to let spot. More than 7,000 individuals chose to relocate from London to the major city in the West Midlands region last year, and this has created a wealth of opportunities for landlords looking to satisfy the increased demand for property.

Numerous different corporations and head offices have also decided to make the move to Birmingham from the capital, and this has further increased demand for housing as employees and job seekers relocate along with businesses.

Areas such as Leeds, Harrogate, Colchester and Canterbury are also ones to keep an eye on and when landlords play their cards right, they can enjoy both long term capital growth and a steady rental income in regions up and down the UK thanks to their savvy buy to let investments.


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