Trending Mystery Novels To Make Up For A Dull Summer

Trending Mystery Novels To Make Up For A Dull Summer

What do you expect from a mystery novel? Most people would say- a thrilling plot that will leave them wondering who the culprit is, till the very end. But apart from this, the best mystery novels we feel are those with ingenious sprinklings of indications throughout that bring the innate directive in you. A good mystery novel must also splash sufficiently difficult puzzles on your face and yet nudge you to jump up shouting “I knew it, I knew it!” when finally things start to detangle. 

A thrilling murder case will obviously rank high on a list of mystery novels, but that doesn’t mean other stories won’t have their merits. It might sometimes be overwhelming to see the number of options that are available on the internet. So, here is a list of six twisted stories that will keep you glued through a humdrum summer afternoon:

1. Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby

Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby is an intense and operatic story of a man who is enduring poverty, race, and a history of crime. But, just when he thought that he had left his past behind him, he is drawn back to blood and bullets, away from his carefully built new and clean life. Haunted by the shadow of his past, and the thought of his missing father, this man has to navigate his way out from all these dilemmas, or should we say, DIE trying. The characters and incidents are so real and authentic, that it will break your heart to read them suffer. The Novel is available for $14.99 at Barnes and Noble and you’re eligible for free shipping.

2. Micheal Nava – ” The Little Death”

The novel starts off with a problematic San Francisco public defender fighting alcoholism and burnout. But when the Mystery of one of his old cases starts seeping out again, his interest is aroused once again and he fights his own devil with the battle of equity.

Micheal Nava’s “The Little Death” is a fun, short mystery. It’s not filled with incalculability, but the author’s past as a lawyer lends the book to a nice genre and it doesn’t outstay its welcome. 

3. Lousie Penny – “A Fatal Grace”

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny is a novel in which good and evil do not agree with each other after a brutal and heartless woman named CC de Poitiers shifts to the fairytale town of Three Pines. Since there were many haters of CC, there was a list of many suspects with Mr. Armand Gamache who was a chief inspector investigating the murder of Ms. CC de Poitiers. Ms. CC was murdered with an electric shock while on a holiday. Three elderly ladies, CC’s mother’s friends, confessed to the murder. But Gamache had to find out if their confessions were true. If not, are they hiding a real murder?

4. Ruth Ware – “One by One”

Ruth Ware’s novel “One by One” is a murder mystery. During the ski holiday to discuss the buyout of a tech company named “snoop” one-by-one, as the name suggests, the members start dying and they think that there is a murderer among themselves. Far away from society in a  bungalow damaged by a snowstorm with no cell phone or network services, the survivors plan to divide themselves among groups to search for help. Unintentionally, they cloistered the most vulnerable of the group with the murder. What happens next, is a mystery that will amaze you!

You can find this intriguing novel on Barnes and Noble for $27.99. Grab it at the earliest.

5. Richar Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club

Richard Osman’s “The Thursday Murder Club” is based on a restful retirement village where four friends get together once every week to inquire about unsolved murders. But after a cruel murder takes place at the very doorstep of Thursday Murder club, the club from which the novel’s name is derived finds itself in the midst of their first ongoing case. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron who were the members of the club might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their collars. Can our modern as well as bright group catch the murderer before it’s too late? Find out by reading this amazing novel.

You can get your hands on Richard Osman’s The Thursday murder club at $19.99 from Barnes and Noble website today and save 23%.

6. Tana French – The Searcher

If you are searching for a trending mysterious novel then The Searcher by Tana french is what will end your search! In the Novel “The Searcher” the character Calvin Hooper who is known as “Cal” believes that if he shifts to a little town in western Island, he will lead him to a better life. But things don’t always go as planned. He did whatever he could to cope up with the town’s farmers and their local people. But he cannot deny when a teenager comes to him seeking some help finding her brother, Brenden, who ran away some days back. Unknowing what his brother is up to, Cal discovers drug operations, an accidental murder, and a vigilante attempt to hide everything that happened. Find out more by reading the novel.

The searcher is available at Barnes and Noble at a Flat 20% discount. So, visit the website and order this intriguing Novel at just $21.50 today!

These selections of Trending Mystery Novels will intellectually keep you glued to the edge of your seat and make up for a long, dull summer afternoon. While on one hand Michael Nava’s The little death will wash you with privilege, greed, and power, The Searcher by Tana French on the other hand will leave you mesmerized with ambiguous mortality. You can get grabby on these heart-pounding novels and other books that will send chills down your spine online at Stamp Barnes And Noble promo code “5SSME2” at the checkout page to get a flat 15% off sitewide. Also, explore a wide range of other Barnes and Noble coupons to save up to 50% on all your purchases. 

So, do you think you can find and figure out the answers to all the mysterious riddles before the characters in the story? If yes, then you’re a real mastermind! We hope you thoroughly enjoy the above-mentioned novels. Until next time, happy reading.

Published July 14, 2021


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