Top Trending Tree Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Top Trending Tree Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Trees are a crucial part of a landscape, but people usually take them for granted. It is not correct, and you should follow simple tree maintenance steps to make sure the landscape keeps looking beautiful forever.

Many stories show tree damage due to extreme heat, torrential rains, heavy winds, and pests. 

An essential guide for tree maintenance

If you take care of your trees adequately, your trees will reach maturity on time, making your landscape appear more beautiful.

1. Mulching is essential

Trees need mulching around the perimeter so that the roots remain protected and maintain moisture in the surrounding soil. Mulching also releases necessary organic matter called humus in the surrounding soil. However, avoid creating “mulch volcanoes,” which can lead to moisture trapping, making it a suitable breeding ground for disease and pests, and thereby leading to decay. 

2. Water your trees regularly

If you want to maintain a tree, the soil should remain moist but do not make it soggy. Drip irrigation is a promising way of watering the ground, where mulching helps retain adequate moisture.

3. Maintaining adequate soil conditions

It will help if you choose the right soil mix during plantation so that your tree matures on time. If you feel that your soil does not have proper nutrients, you can even go for a soil test to find the right kind of fertilizer you might need.

What fertilizer to use during the fall season?

Like any other plant, trees need more fertilization during the fall, right before winter. Harsh winter puts a strain on the tree’s roots. Experts suggest applying potassium and phosphorus to the soil can help the root tissues become rigid. It is one way the tree acclimates itself to harsh winter conditions. Arborists do recommend a specific type of fertilizer during the winter months. Hire expert tree service Naples FL for the best guidance on tree-related concerns. 

Controlling diseases and pest

Often trees get infected by diseases and go undetected for a long time. Some homeowners do not know their trees properly, ignoring the initial signs of pests.

Signs of diseases or pestsย 

  • Digging branches of the tree.
  • Mushrooms near the roots.
  • Badly stunted tree growth.
  • Stippled or discolored leaves.
  • White spots on the tree.

A prevalent fungal disease known as oak wilt can spread quickly too. Therefore, arborists do not recommend going for pruning from February to June, as beetles are highly active during these months. If you suspect any pest infestation, you should immediately consult a quality arborist and choose the best course of action.

The most critical step forย tree maintenance is routine pruningย and trimming. Pruning is a method to remove diseased or dead branches so that light can adequately pass. However, pruning jobs can go wrong if you go for inexperienced professionals. If you notice that the trees are causing obstruction or can be a hazard, then removal is the only option. You can ask tree experts to tell you whether or not to go for tree removal.


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