Top 7 Home Design Trends Breaking New Ground In 2022

Top 7 Home Design Trends Breaking New Ground In 2022

Keeping up with home design trends can be exhausting, as fad after fad comes in and out of style each year. However, you can stay on top of up-to-the-minute home designs and modern decor by keeping tabs on your favorite looks and integrating them with your unique style. If you’re looking to follow a specific home design, you can also consider looking into custom house plans to help you build the on-trend home of your dreams. 

Read on for seven must-have trends stirring up a storm in the home design world.

Symmetrical kitchens and dining rooms

A quick-rising trend gracing the quarters of fashion-forward homeowners is symmetry, creating flow in kitchen, living, and dining room designs. Whether you have a traditional, minimalist, or modern style home, you can create beautifully proportioned spaces with careful planning. After all, a perfectly symmetrical design may seem simple from the outside, but the execution can be tricky. 

Multifunctional rooms

Functionality is a top priority for most on-trend homeowners, with layouts and floorplans serving multiple purposes. For example, those with limited surface area can save space without sacrificing style by investing in a trendy ottoman doubled as storage or additional seating. Or, integrate sleek cabinetry into living room designs to add storage and pazazz. 

Black accents

Expert home designers often utilize dark accents in modern builds to create contrast and help accentuate unique features. Regardless of whether you opt for a shiny or matte finish, adding a pop of black brings an edgy and ultra-chic vibe to any space. 

Though you may want to steer clear of floor-to-ceiling black walls, you can add subtle touches with throw pillows, shutters, or appliances for a sophisticated, contemporary touch. 

Revamped home offices

With a growing percentage of the population transitioning to at-home work setups in the last decade, home office decor is skyrocketing in popularity. What used to be a small nook in the kitchen or living room has become a more significant ordeal, with many building on room additions or breaking down walls to construct a larger space. 

As far as up-to-the-minute office trends go, eco-friendly, natural designs and personalized artistic touches are hot must-haves for any home study. However, you can never go wrong with a classic setup, installing floor-to-ceiling shelves and centering a chic desk to draw in the eye.

Health features

Health and wellness trends have permeated the design world, with many homeowners opting for materials and appliances with built-in purifying capabilities. Creating a healthy living space is critical to keeping your mental and physical wellbeing thriving, so consider investing in Microban ceramic or stainless steel products for a modern look and anti-bacterial benefits. 

You can also ditch the bulky air purifiers, swapping them out for sleek models that fit right in with the rest of your home’s perfectly curated design. 

Warmer, colorful kitchens

All-white kitchens seem to be a thing of the past. In 2022 it’s all about warm, neutral tones and pops of rich color. Additionally, natural wood is shooting to the top of the design trend list, so consider the style and finish when remodeling to bypass clashing materials.  

Pet spaces

Over the years, there has been a steady increase of people requesting built-in dog washes and pet stations in their homes. Luckily, pet-friendly rooms are customizable, enabling you to integrate a separate space for your furry friend without clashing with the surrounding decor.

Before you go

At the end of the day, trends come and go—so make sure you pick and choose designs that fit your style and functional needs. That way, your space will remain timeless as you shift in and out of different periods, keeping up with the top design trends.