How To Arrange A Living Room – The Key Rules By Design Experts

How To Arrange A Living Room - The Key Rules By Design Experts

The living room is a multifunctional space, which is hard to arrange. Let’s figure out how and what to furnish the living room, so as not to arrange in it a warehouse of forgotten items, competently and stylishly distribute the furniture, and take into account all the nuances of shape and size of the room in which it will be located.

Start With The Project

Any repair, remodeling of a room or just rearrangement should start with a plan. The plan of the room and the implementation of the planned work in it will help to take into account all your needs and at the same time not to spend too much money.

If you do not know how to use programs for drawing on the computer, it is not a problem, because you can always draw a plan by hand. It is necessary to measure the room with a tape measure and draw the room to scale. When choosing furniture on the website or in a store, write down the dimensions to insert them into your drawing. Don’t forget to indicate where the window is located and which way the door opens. Remember that there should be about 70-90 cm of free space between pieces of furniture for comfortable movement.

Determine The Functionality

Next, you need to understand what you will do in the living room. In addition to the fact that this area can serve as a place of rest, where you can play at CasinoChan, arrange parties with friends, or watch Netflix after a hard day, the living room can also accommodate a workspace, organize a place for children’s games or put a cot for the pet. Write down in a column all the functions that you think the living room should perform – it strongly depends on the set of furniture you’ll furnish it with.

If the living room will perform several functions, it is better to zone it – that is, visually divide the space into zones. This can be done with the help of lighting, the color of the walls and floor, partitions in the form of shelves.

Planning The Space

There are three main types of living room layouts: symmetrical, asymmetrical and circular. In any of the types of planning, it is important to determine the compositional center – everything else will line up around it.

For a living room in the classic style, a symmetrical layout is suitable. With this type of layout, furniture is placed symmetrically to the compositional center – the sofa, an artificial fireplace or, for example, a console with a mirror.

Asymmetrical layout is one in which there are no specific rules and regulations, the main thing is that the entire composition as a whole looks harmonious.

A circular type of layout involves arranging the furniture around a compositional center, which may be a coffee table in the center of the room, the ceiling lamp or, for example, a pouf.

Selecting The Lighting

In any space, the lighting should be three-tiered – it should consist of an overhead ceiling light, wall and table lamps. This is done to ensure that every corner of the room is illuminated – so it creates a sense of comfort and visually increases the space.

Hiding Unnecessary Things

Remember that the main rule of order – no unnecessary items in the room. Think in advance about where you will store things. For example, if you buy a folding sofa in the living room, you will catch two birds with one stone: you will have an additional sleeping place, and you will obtain a place for storage on the sofa.

If there is no space for a bookcase or a chest of drawers with souvenirs, look at hanging shelves. You can put everything you need on them and still leave the space airy.

Primary Things To Remember

  • Do not buy furniture until you have a clear plan of the room.
  • Decide on the functionality of the space, and if necessary, zoning it. 
  • Choose the right size furniture and arrange it properly.
  • Select the lighting and make it three levels.
  • Hide unnecessary things so as not to create a sense of clutter.
  • Do everything the way you like, not the way you see on the Internet. Because only in this case, you will be able to convey the uniqueness of your taste and create exactly the comfort that you have long dreamed of.