5 Design Tricks That Are Easy to Repeat

5 Design Tricks That Are Easy to Repeat

Creating a beautiful interior is not only a matter of good taste and developed intuition but also knowledge of specific techniques and rules. With the right design, you can start enjoying your favorite activities, such as watching movies or playing at the 20Bet casino, and even more. Here are design secrets that can be repeated in your own home.

1. Chandeliers on Long Cords

The most favorite technique of modern designers, which you have probably encountered, if not in apartments, then in cafes and restaurants, is to hang chandeliers on very long cords. In contrast to the plate chandeliers, spread across the ceiling and slightly illuminate the entire room, such fixtures work more like local illumination. They effectively highlight a particular medium-sized area, help to create a cozy atmosphere that can accommodate several people, and achieve brighter lighting without increasing the power of the bulbs.

2. Chairs in Different Colors

More and more often, designers are turning away from buying a set of identical chairs for the dining room: the monotony makes the eye tired, and things-clones are now appropriate only in the most austere interiors. Yet, sets of completely dissimilar things are rare. As a rule, designers choose the same models, but painted or upholstered in different ways. Bright colors become new accents in the interior or support the already established gamut.

3. A Mirror by the Wall

Often in beautiful apartments you can find large mirrors, leaning against the wall. If it’s a rental apartment, it’s understandable: it’s not always possible to drill the walls there. But why not always in other cases, designers and owners decide to hang them? For example, because such a detail helps to reduce the pathos of too strict and verified interior.

Another reason is the possibility at any moment to move the mirror to where it is most needed. And finally, everyone knows that in a slanting mirror we seem a little taller and slimmer than in a normal mirror, and who will refuse the opportunity to see ourselves from a favorable angle? If you’re afraid of hitting and knocking over the mirror, put a small table in front of it.

4. A Lot of Pictures in the Same Frame

The fashion for spacious and very bright apartments has its dark sides, and one of them is the need to decorate these walls so that they do not look too empty. Usually, designers choose paintings and posters for this purpose, and often arrange them in identical frames. Several asymmetrically hung images of different formats draw the eye and allow you to tell a more complex story, and the common material of the frames collects the composition and makes it not too variegated. In narrow rooms, paintings can be replaced by mirrors.

5. Zoning With Carpets

Another challenge for designers are studios with a free layout. In general, any space there can be zoned into several areas. They can be separated by screens, partitions or tubs of flowers, but the fashion for open spaces makes us look for more delicate solutions. One of them turns out to be the division of zones with the help of different floor coverings, and the carpet is the most flexible and democratic option. To repeat the designers’ technique, choose large carpets, on which all the furniture related to the chosen area can fit.