The Ultimate New Home Checklist to Organize Your Next Move

The Ultimate New Home Checklist to Organize Your Next Move

While moving on the whole is an exciting affair, it can sometimes become exhausting and overwhelming. The entire process starts with planning the actual move and ends after you have finally settled in your new property. Planning, packing, loading, unloading and unpacking can sometimes bring undesirable issues. So, what can you do to make the process easier?

Give yourself enough time to carefully plan the move and then to execute it. Take tips from our new house checklist, and you’ll soon be home and dry.

Here’s the ultimate checklist you need to turn your house into a home without any hassle.

Things to do before the Big Day

There are a lot of things that you have to do before the moving day to ensure everything goes smoothly. Being well prepared and organized can save you from the stress you may face in the weeks ahead.

Book Sufficient Time off Work

The first few days after the move are going to be the busiest ones. It will not just involve unpacking boxes but will also require you to sort out a whole host of details. Managing all the things along with professional responsibilities may not be the best idea.

So, let your employer know about your moving schedule and take time off that you need. It will take you a minimum of three to four days in order to settle in properly. You’ll have to deal with the repairs, deliveries, as well as start on arranging the furniture in your new house.

Get Connected

The day you’ll move in, you’ll want to have a great internet connection and TV service. Although, all of this can generally be set up in advance, but it may require the service providers to come down to your house.

So, before moving in, take some time out to find out the service providers in your area and figure out how much time will the installation of equipment take.

Change of Address

Sit down and make a list of all the services you use and will need post move. After making the list, update your address in time for all these services and accounts. This will include your family doctor, your bank, credit card issuers, loyalty programs, and postal services.

Make sure you do all of this in advance so that you can feel more in control.

Gather all the important documents in a file

There is a chance that documents get misplaced during the move. So, to keep the documents safe, you should gather them together and put them in a file – documents like birth certificates, medical cards, insurance policies, bond agreement.

At the same time, scan and make a digital copy of them. Although a trusted, reliable moving company in Maryland will take full responsibility of the wear and tear during the moving process, backing up the essential files to an external hard drive will give you the peace of mind you need.

Scheduling and Packing

Before starting to pack your stuff, make sure you declutter and dispose of the unwanted possessions.

You’ll want to plan everything in advance so that you don’t feel overwhelmed during the process. But, if you still think you need some help with the packing or facilities of storage in Frederick, MD, hire professional packers and movers in your area.

Also, if there are urgent improvements that need to be done the moment you arrive in your new house, schedule the services well in advance. Book the electrician, plumber a week before so that you don’t have to worry about anything on the big day.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

If possible, before you move, explore your new environment and get to know your neighbors. Figure out where the nearest hospitals, gas stations, hardware and grocery stores are.

You are going to start a new chapter in your life, and that’s both exciting and daunting. You can mitigate most of the undesirable issues that come with a move by planning well in advance. This new house checklist is designed to help you with that.


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