Single Drum Roller – Types and Usages

Single Drum Roller - Types and Usages


Roads that are smooth and even are generally desired by the state authorities. Further, clean and sleek roads also get positive attention and praise from the general public. Therefore, construction workers use various machines to achieve the desired road composition. One of the main machines which the workers utilize is called Single-Drum Road Roller.

As the name suggests, it is a heavy-duty vehicle that has a big roller attached to it. This roller is thus driven over the road to smoothen it out. Thus, its usefulness is used mostly everywhere as this machine also saves time and money. Owing to their high demand in many sectors, various version of the machine is available. This article will help you choose the right manufactured version of the machine according to your own need.

Why do we have to look into different Versions?

Roads are built upon various surfaces, and leveling and smoothing out each surface requires different skills and specifications. Moreover, one version of the said machine, which can work in the city, may not work on the highways. Thus to counter these issues various version has been manufactured so that all the needs are satisfied. In the next section, the author will look into the variety of versions manufactured by the Radgeer company, the best Single Drum Road Roller Manufacturer.

Types of a Single Drum Road Roller

In this article, Radgeer has been chosen as the main focus since they have many options regarding the single drum roller. Thus, a good breakdown of their catalog will provide you with the informed view of this topic.

1. RD207G,7 Ton 66″ – Single Drum Vibrating Road Roller

This roller is the basic model most widely used amongst its peers. It is generally employed in municipal road and highway maintenance, construction, sports venues. The machine weighs around 7 Tonnes. It has state-of-the-art hydraulic-powered controls. Further, it has been equipped with a preservative sprinkler system, electric pressurized water spray, unique nozzle design, and large capacity water tanks. Lastly, it comes with 12 months’ warranty.

2. RD210B,10 Ton 84″ – Single Drum Vibratory Roller Compactor

This is a heavier-duty version of the machine. It is a bit bigger than the RD207G model, which has been mentioned above. RD21B weighs around 10 tonnes. Owing to its size, it is mainly used to level out surfaces that are non-cohesive materials. Non-Cohesive materials are inclusive of sandy soil, crushed stones, and rock fillings. It is meant to level these materials out so that they can be used for large foundation constructions. These materials are used for making Highways, Airports, Industrial sites, and many more. This version is equipped with strong hydraulic vibration for supporting its heavy usage. Further, a strong Cummins engine has been installed in its core, which will ensure its proper functioning. It has 12 months’ warranty.

3. RD216B,16 Ton Vibratory Single Drum Roller

This is one of the biggest versions which are available of the single roller. This particular version weighs around 16 tonnes. This is mainly used for laying down the foundation of the roads. Further, it is widely used in industrial areas for leveling out various materials. These are very useful if used for crushing out non-cohesive materials. These are also presented with state of the art hydraulics system. It also has been equipped with a Mechanical travel drive, double amplitude, and a powerful engine. Due to its high demand maintenance, part for the same can also be found in most markets. This also has a 12-month warranty.

4. RDC203P,3 Ton Single Drum Asphalt Roller

This compact version of the Single Drum roller is efficient for varied tasks. These machines are mainly employed in cities for the maintenance of the streets. Further, these are also used for smoothing out small or narrow roads. They are also widely used in construction activities and pipeline backfill. It is equipped with a Hydraulic double wheels’ drive, Hydraulic double wheels’ vibration. It has also adopted an N390 diesel engine. It even has a sprinkler system. Further, the top of the machine is also covered. It also comes with 12 months’ warranty.

Key Takeaways

  • One should research extensively before buying a single drum roller.
  • Various version of the said machine is available in the market.
  • The buyer should purchase the machine after considering his needs.
  • The surface on which it is meant to be used should be strongly focused.


A single drum roller is an integral part of the construction framework nowadays. It is a very useful device that has a plethora of functions. Further, owing to its uniqueness, it can be periodically used on various surfaces. It can even be used on no-cohesive surfaces. Thus an informed decision is required to be taken before buying these machines.


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