Australia Real Estate – Top 7 Checklist Guide to Moving Interstate

Australia Real Estate - Top 7 Checklist Guide to Moving Interstate

When you move interstate in Australia, a lot of things change. You will have to start calling yourself a ‘Queenslander’ or a ‘Victorian’, you will have to adjust to different coloured number plates, but most importantly, you will have to update your Facebook location so all of your friends can find you. While these may seem like inconsequential things, moving interstate does require some necessary changes that make take some more time and effort to arrange.

1. Registration

If you own a vehicle of any kind you will need to update your registration once you move to the new state to ensure you are not fined. This includes cars, motorbikes, boats, and any other vehicle that has a number plate attached to it.

2. Driver’s license

Just as you have to register your vehicle to your new address, you are also required to get a new driver’s license. You generally have three months to get a new license before you will be fined by the government.

3. Toll account

If you know your move is going to take you through a city and you are planning on driving yourself, you may need to check if you are going to pass through any toll roads. These days you can pay toll fees online, but if you are unaware that you were even on a toll road you may incur additional charges for neglecting to pay your fee. Search online for the roads you’re going to pass through and make sure you have the toll information handy or register for an online account to make the payment process simpler.

4. Road rules

Different states have different rules for speed limits, learner and provisional restrictions, and alcohol limits. Before you drive check online for specific guidelines to make sure you won’t accidentally speed or drive with too much alcohol in your system.

5. Pets

If you are moving with pets you may not wish to transport them yourself, particularly on longer trips. Cats can be especially noisy, and if you’re stuck in a car for several days, listening to the cat meowing sadly may get exhausting. Luckily, there are many options available for transporting animals if you cannot do it yourself.

6. Mail redirection

It is important to make sure you contact Australia Post to arrange to have your mail redirected to your new address, particularly if you generally have important letters such as bank statements or utility bills sent to your home. It is a simple process that you can complete online, where you can choose how long you want the mail to be redirected and where you want it to be sent.

7. Change your address

Once you have everything else sorted, make sure you change your address for any mailing services you may receive, especially on the electoral roll if you are eligible to vote.

Moving interstate can be a big step, but if you make sure you tick off everything on your checklist then you should be all set for your new life.


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