Remodel and Save – These 12 Major Home Upgrades Will Actually Save You Money

Remodel and Save - These 12 Major Home Upgrades Will Actually Save You Money

Did you know home upgrades like solar panels can boost your property value by up to 15,000 dollars? If you want to upgrade your home, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over home upgrades that will save you money. Tackle these home improvement projects and boost the value of your home.

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1. Fix or Replace Your Gutters

Water damage is an expensive home repair. Don’t overlook proper drainage for your home.

Make sure you clean out the gutters every year. This way, the water will get routed away from your home and roof.

Gutters are easy to install and are cheap. New gutters can also boost the appearance of your home.

While cleaning or replacing your gutters, you might notice a problem with your roof. Consider calling a roofing professional. Learn more about how to hire a roofer.

2. Replace Your HVAC Filters

Your AC and furnace filters trap dust and airborne allergens so you can breathe cleaner air. The filters will need to get change every few months when you use the air conditioning or furnace unit.

Change the filters often because you can lower utility bills as well. Dirty filters force your HVAC system to work harder and end up using more energy.

3. Caulk Your Shower and Tub

You can buy a tube of caulk for a couple of dollars. Try to replace the caulk if you see mold in the tub or shower. A repair could cost thousands of dollars to replace moldy bathroom drywall or tile.

Prevent any water from reaching the floors and walls where mold can occur. You can do this by keeping the seams around showers, tubs, and fixtures sealed.

Silicone caulk will last longer, but latex caulk is much easier to apply. Use a product that has fungicide to discourage any mold growth.

Before you start your project, practice applying a bead of caulk. This way, you will be able to replace the caulk in a neat manner.

4. Pick Out New Paint Colors

Refresh a room and update it with a fresh coat of paint. You can change up a room by painting it a trendy grey. Have fun picking out different decor to match this new shade.

For an average room, you will only need around one gallon of paint. Pick up paintbrushes, rollers, and painter’s tape. Taking on this home upgrade project is simple and will save you money.

5. Try a Smart Lighting System

You have a few different options with smart lighting. You can get light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and automated lighting systems.

Occupancy or motion sensors are a substantial investment. This way, you’ll avoid leaving lights on in empty rooms. The lights will turn off based on movement in the room.

The light that gets controlled by home automation will save you money in the long run.

6. Get a Security System

A security system will deter criminals from stealing from your home. You will get an alert of an intruder right away if someone breaks into your house. Monitored systems will notify local authorities which will investigate the alarm.

Save money by installing a security system to keep your family safe.

7. Pick up a Programmable Thermostat

You can get a programmable thermostat and save money. Set a programmable thermostat, so it maintains a comfortable temperature in your home.

You can also set it up to maintain a lower temperature if you’re out of the house or asleep.

You can save over a hundred dollars every year with a programmable thermostat.

8. Install Industrial-Sized Fans

Do you live in a warm climate? If you do, consider installing a whole house fan to cut down on your air conditioning bill.

A massive industrial-sized fan in your attic will pull air through windows and out the attic vents. Fans also will provide a more refreshing breeze throughout your home.

9. Listen for Running Toilets

A running toilet will waste water and add more expenses to your water bill. Yet, it’s simple to fix a running toilet.

Many things can affect the water flow in the tank. You can find the issue by lifting the lid off the tank, flushing the toilet, and observing what happens.

Take a picture of the internal part of your toilet. You can bring the failed component and photo to a local home hardware store. Ask for help when you look to buy the replacement part.

10. Install Solar Panels

The prices for solar panels are a bit cheaper now. Get solar panels installed to capture the sun’s photons and convert them into electricity. The technology is changing, and solar shingles have become a mainstream item.

Try to install your solar panels soon. You’ll see savings on your energy bills. The cost may be high on the front end, but you could save a lot of money. Certain states even offer a tax credit to people who get solar panels.

11. Seal Windows and Doors

Tiny cracks around doors and windows can suck out cooled or heated air to the outdoors. Inspect the inside of your home for these little cracks.

Bring a paper and pen to write down where you notice the cracks. You can also use a tube of caulk to fill the cracks. Use a can of spray insulating foam sealer to fill up more significant leaks.

Watch for leaks where hoses, appliance vents, and plumbing fixtures meet outside walls.

12. Boost Attic Insulation

To help lower your fuel bills and make your home warmer, you’ll want to add more attic insulation. Seal up any air leaks before you begin the insulation process. You can save a lot each year with improved insulation.

Now You Know More About Home Upgrades

We hope this guide on home improvements was helpful. Take the time to complete these home upgrades and maintenance tasks to keep your house in top shape. You’ll save money over time.

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