A Look At Some Of The Most Luxurious Holidays For Your Upcoming Trips

A Look At Some Of The Most Luxurious Holidays For Your Upcoming Trips

There’s no better way to see off the quarantine blues than exploring the world again and discovering all the exciting places hardly touched by tourism this year.

Everywhere from the extravagant beauty of the British Virgin Islands to the historical and cultural importance of Greece, there are too many places to name that will offer incredible experiences to all travellers this year.

So really, the only question is what are you looking for in a luxury holiday? If it’s comfort, safety and luxury then you’re in luck because we’ve got all the ideas you’ll need to start booking up your next holiday.

The first point of call always needs to be the transport. With social distancing measures in full swing and commercial flights at an all-time low cost, flying private with a charter jet company might be the best bet from a safety and comfort standpoint. With everything taken care of for you – a safe and separate check-in process at the airport, plus increased hygiene procedures on board – with a private charter jet, you can be sure that your holiday gets off to a flying start.

Now, where to go? Take a look at these luxury destinations from around the world…

British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Made up of a chain of islands in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are one of the UK’s most famous overseas territories for one reason – pure luxury.

That luxury comes in the form of azure seas glistening under the radiant sunshine, and beautiful sandy beaches which go on for miles. It’s what these islands are known for, which is why they’re an especially ideal location if you’re looking to go for a longer holiday, as there are so many beaches and untouched inlets to explore and relax on.

If you’re a fan of adventure activities and want to break out of the quarantine monotony with something entirely new then Tortola is just one of the islands you could opt for, as it’s well known for its scuba diving opportunities, wonderous hiking trails and panoramic views.

Flying private charter jets makes island hopping so much easier as well, as the plane can fly you between them without the hassle of sourcing other transport.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

When looking for luxury, never underestimate the beauty of privacy. While some of the other islands are just as bountiful as Musha Cay in sunshine and extravagance, there’s something special about a private island all to yourself.

The island of Musha Cay in the Bahamas is owned by David Copperfield, who rents it out to those lucky enough to secure a slot. It’s been the holiday spot of the rich and famous for years, as it’s all crafted by nature – from the tropical vegetation in the backdrop to the picturesque views – with people in mind.

So relax on your own private beach, soaking up the sun, before heading into your villa for a fine dining experience crafted by some of the best chefs in the world. All the luxury is there just for you on Musha Cay.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is abundant with natural beauty as far as the eye can see. It might be known for its spiritual history and relaxed atmosphere, as the island has been long associated with yoga and surfing, but it’s complete luxury that’s the island’s main draw for many travellers.

After flying in on a private jet, you can relax in either a private villa on the island with a butler, infinity pool and a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, or you can stay at one of the many 5-star spas or resorts. Bali caters for uninterrupted luxury and comfort, so whatever you want, there’s sure to be a place for it on the island.

Over the years for that reason, it has enticed A-list actors and musicians, and served as a muse for artists all over the world. So whether you’re looking for privacy and romance with a partner on a honeymoon, or a holiday with friends where you sail on a private yacht and take trips to the cultural landmarks, Bali is a winner in everyone’s books.

Mykonos, Greece

The island of Mykonos in Greece is home to boundless sunshine, even in some of the winter months, which makes it a great location for your next luxury holiday.

There’s plenty of opportunity to relax on the island’s renown beaches or soak up the history, with private trips available to one of the many archaeological sites scattered across the island. It’s a place so rich in culture and ambiance, you’ll want to take your time in this gorgeous place.

But the main point of luxury in Mykonos, where there is sun and sea aplenty, is the food. For a culinary experience like no other, complete with boundless sea food like swordfish, squid and octopus seasoned and cooked to perfection by true crafts people, it has to be this little island in Mediterranean.


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