Real Estate Selling Strategies – Raising the Level of Your Home Design Awesomeness

Real Estate Selling Strategies - Raising the Level of Your Home Design Awesomeness

According to a recent study from NerdWallet, approximately 12.1 million homeowners plan to sell their home in the next 18 months in the United States and more than three-quarters of them plan to make home improvements before listing. While the average homeowner is expected to spend a median of $3,000, there are some that expect to spend $15,000 or more to get their home ready for sale. 

Homeowners that are preparing to sell need to consider a budget that will provide the best return on their improvement investment. Making sensible decisions on renovations and updates is the key. You donโ€™t need to break the bank and go overboard. Staying away from larger renovations and focusing on the many small things that can be done to a home which can add significant “wow” factor to a listing without having to spend a small fortune to upgrade a home you are about to sell could be the best strategy.

So, we put together the following list of things which can bring that extra touch of excitement to your listing by raising the level of your home design awesomeness.

Adding a Bright Wallpaper

Wallpaper is relatively inexpensive to install, and there are thousands of different designs, colors, textures, and vibrant color combinations that can be used to add life and a special feeling to each room. Whether it is a living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or utility, adding new wallpaper only requires a small bit of patience to replace. You can also choose to hire a wallpaper hanger if you are too busy.

Bright Colored Tiles

Bright colored tiles are another way to add a relaxed atmosphere to the interior of a home, especially if they are color-coordinated to the wallpaper and paintings.

Adding Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds very often will add spice to a room since they serve multiple purposes and are very useful when the company is over. Venetian blinds can also add a layer of warmth in the window.

Stylish Doors

Another level of openness and warmth can be added to a home by adding French doors to the interior of a home. This can bring a different freshness and openness to a room when entering. Also, sliding interior doors are a fresh take on the normal wood doors that we see every day.  

Interior sliding doors can make the person coming into the home feel invited even before they enter the house. Your guests will love the unique feel of these types of doors.

Floor Rugs

The interior of a home is a space that can be easily changed to suit your personality and interests and add a more aesthetic quality to your home design. Floor rugs come in many designs today, and some of the most valued Persian prints are now being produced by well-respected rug companies all over the world. A few added rugs in the hallways, living room, study, and entertainment room can add color vibrancy to a room that has been considered to be dull and uninviting. A long hallway rug placed in the entranceway to a home can give a feeling of welcome to guests and greet all who enter your home.

Carousel Lamp Shade

A carousel lampshade is a must to add variety to the kind of lighting in a room. With bright lights and shades, a home can be experienced in a different feeling of vibrancy and comfort. Whether it is an extended lamp by the reading lounge or twin lamps that sandwich the living room sofa, lights are one way to add dimension to your overall home experience. A carousel lampshade will add texture to a room, while the light tells the story. A carousel lampshade has a story etched into the lampshade so both the lamp and the shade work together to form a story. This can work especially well to tell the heritage, history, or the story of your family.

Fragrant Candles

Fragrant candles lit and kept throughout the day can add a new experience of freshness and enjoyable experience of the seasons in your home. Many interior decorators are creating their brands of fragrant candles since they have been recommended as a way to make the guest experience a different kind of welcome. Fragrant candles will add life to your home, especially after returning home after a long day at work. Fragrant candles come in hundreds of tropical and natural scents, which can add additional depth to an already lively home interior.

Colorful Paintings

Adding colorful art in the hallways and rooms of a home can bring a feeling of culture and aesthetic depth to a once dull wall or room interior. Having one, two, or three small paintings from a local artist can be a spark for numerous conversations over many years. Even the youthful art of children and grandchildren hung on the wall as an art gallery gives a sense of building a family and reliving times to remember.

Coat of Arms

Having a family coat of arms hanging on the walls of your home is another way to make your home breathe a sense of pride of your family heritage and a topic of genealogical conversation to guests and friends.

Eclectic Art

If you are an admirer of art, having one or two pieces of eclectic art can be a perfect way to add a sense of brightness, newness, and Avant Garde to the interior of the home. Diverse art gives an impression of being modern and adventurous, which is a good vibe to give in a home where you often have friends over for dinner or recreational activities.


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