Real Estate Essentials – 6 Tips to Make Your Home Office Welcoming and Comfortable

Real Estate Essentials - 6 Tips to Make Your Home Office Welcoming and Comfortable

I’m sure that almost every single one of us has entered a home office that looked sterile, lifeless and dull. Regardless of whether you are working part-time from home, own a business that needs office space, or its just your personal space, a home office should be a welcoming environment rather than an uncomfortable space that you have to be in. Bringing your office back to life and making it feel refreshed and comfortable may not be something that you can do quickly overnight. It takes time, effort, planning, and it might not be cheap – but at the end of the day, it will be well worth it.

Here are 6 tips to get you started on the way to make your home office welcoming and comfortable.

Office plants

Bringing your office to life is something that you can take literally but also figuratively by adding something living to the environment. An excellent way to do that is to simply add some plants to your office. There are tons of plants that you can use. You can put some small pots on a desk or step it up a notch by adding put taller plants or trees if you have larger spaces in your office.

Home furniture

Get rid of that industrial feeling by adding furniture into your office that you would normally have throughout your home. Get comfortable, don’t make the mistake of using plastic or uncomfortable chairs, so find the best office chair under $300. Adding furniture pieces that make you feel at home will go a long way to making your office a welcoming and comfortable place to work.


Colors can be your best friend or if not done right can sometimes feel like they are your worst enemy. Researchers have proven that colors can change a person’s mood. Some colors are proven to relax people, while others can make them tense. It doesn’t mean that you should leave your office with the dull white colored walls. You should put some colors on them, but make sure to choose them correctly keeping with your personal preference and tastes.


Once you’re done with repainting your office space, you should look into some wall decorations. It doesn’t have to be something fancy; often, simplicity can go a long way. Perhaps you want to create a positive environment with pictures of some motivational quotes. Additionally, you can have photos of your team members from team building events or situations focussed on your business activities.


Not every office can have enormous windows providing tons of light so it’s always recommended to invest in decent lighting for your work environment. Every office desk needs to be well lit. Not only does it add to a person’s positive mood, its also a proven method to increase peak productivity in an office environment.


Now that we have the big things taken care of, you can focus on the minor things. Something that most people won’t notice until they need something is the thing that puts warmth to the office. Go out and buy colored stickers in different shapes and sizes, interesting pens, animal staplers, figurines, coasters or any of those other little items that make the space feel comfortable. These little knickknacks can be just the finishing touch that you need to personalize your office and make it just right for you.


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