Real Estate Essentials – 6 Important Tips to Kick Start Your Home Moving Process

Real Estate Essentials - 6 Important Tips to Kick Start Your Home Moving Process

Moving to a new house can be a daunting task. Almost everyone gets overwhelmed at some point. So it’s important to plan ahead rather than avoid it as much as you can until its unavoidable and suddenly that time to move is upon you. If you are in a situation that you will be needing to make a move soon, instead of getting panicked and anxious at the last minute, its best to follow a certain tips and tricks to stay on schedule and achieve a successful result. Moving requires proper planning and some advice from experts can definitely help you win the battle of moving.

We’ve put together the following helpful tips to get you on the way to a hassle free move.

Clear Out Anything that You Don’t Use Anymore

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of anything unwanted and to clean your house out of clutter thoroughly. Start this process at least 6 weeks prior to your actual move. Go through each room of your house and start sorting everything. Pack the non-essentials and also sort the stuff that you want to sell, donate or throw. Look out and get rid of things that you haven’t used in a while, things that you do not like, and/or even the furniture that will not fit in your new place. This will not only de-clutter your house but will also make space for new and positive energy to enter your new space. Organize yard sales, arrange donations, and get your stuff listed on e-commerce websites for selling purpose. Make a note of things that can be recycled. Sorting of things in the early stage will not only save a lot of time and energy but will also make you some money by selling the stuff which you can use in your moving expenses.

Make a Note of All the Expenses

Keep a record of all the expenses related to moving. Place all the bills in one folder including moving company charges, labour charges, shipping of your vehicle, moving insurance, road taxes if any , and even tips given to the workers. This will enable you to keep a track of your total moving expenses and in case your company reimburse then this folder will be most needed. Along with these expenses, also keep a record of the donations made by you in any form.

Go-Green during This Move

Help the environment and Go Green during your next move. Avoid using any harmful material. Try and use reusable plastic boxes for packing and transporting your goods from one place to another. These boxes are also known as “Green Boxes”. The best part of using these boxes is that you will not need any tape instead you can directly pack the stuff in these boxes as they have lids to seal. You can store more material in these boxes as compare to cardboard boxes. Moving will be easy as there will be fewer boxes to move  and no cardboard boxes  while moving means less clutter to settle in the end of the move. You can easily search online for renting these Green Boxes. If still you do not get green boxes then another option to go green is to arrange leftover stackable boxes from grocery or liquor stores. These boxes generally have handles on the sides which makes it easy to carry the box while loading and unloading.

Pack Your Stuff Room-wise

Choose a room and pack all the things of that room first. While packing the boxes, label all the boxes with the number or code given to that room, alternatively, you can use different coloured tapes for each room to differentiate. Pack all the stuff room-wise. This will not only keep you organized but will also make your unpacking much easier. Keep many zip-lock bags handy while packing. Pack all the small and similar stuff in one zip pouch. These zip-lock bags generally are transparent which makes it easier to find and organize small sized things at the time of unpacking. Ziploc bags are available in several sizes so you can use them to pack cables, hardware, picture hangers, and many other odd and small things together. Zip-lock bags containing parts of electronics and furniture parts right onto the relevant items. Keeping parts together will not only save your time while setting up your furniture and electronics at new home.

Take Pictures of All Electronics and Furniture

Take snaps of all the electronics before unplugging any cables and furniture before dismantling any of its parts. These pictures taken before removing the parts will help you during setting up your electronics and assembling furniture at your new place as you will be able to see the right location of each cable. And you will be saved from any cable confusion and possible mess.

Get Your New Place Cleaned Professionally

An empty house is much easier to clean so take advantage of the situation and get your new house cleaned from professionals so that you can start in a fully cleaned place. Don’t forget to get pest control done and check if any repair work is required. Check personally all the bathrooms and electrical connections.

Now that you’ve got everything all sorted out and are ready to go forward, you’ll need to find the best movers to kick start your moving process. Good luck!


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