Own a High-End, Luxury Home? Here Are Security Systems You Need to Consider

Own a High-End, Luxury Home? Here Are Security Systems You Need to Consider

The purchase of luxury homes in the US is on the rise again after a significant dip during the pandemic and the subsequent couple of years. Today, though, ‘luxury’ has a new meaning – as well as the sort of features you’d expect in a high-end property, such as an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, and upscale amenities. The new breed of luxury property buyers are looking for the highest level of advanced security, too.

Advanced Systems with Professional Monitoring

Luxury properties can be a draw for criminals operating in both an opportunistic or planned capacity. It’s important to choose an advanced, customized system to protect your home. Look for a holistic option that offers professional installation, high-end entry and motion sensors, and 24/7 monitoring.

An option like the Brinks home security system allows users both to live-stream footage from their properties and store captured footage in the cloud. Look at the systems on the market to select the service that has a fast emergency response time, US-based monitoring services, and that will send you SMS alerts in the event of a potential incident.

Security Guards

It’s not unusual for luxury housing developments to employ a team of security guards to protect the properties within the community and act as a deterrent to would-be crooks. If you’re in the market for a high-end pad, you may wish to look for a home within an enclave that deploys security guards – or perhaps consider hiring protection yourself if you have a large property or estate.

As an active deterrent, it’s hard to beat (literally) an on-site security guard.

AI Advances

Sophisticated AI tools are playing a major role in keeping even the highest-end of homes protected. For example, Amazon Echo can now work in tandem with digital security systems to detect sounds like security sirens or breaking glass and subsequently send an alert to your phone.

New, advanced security cameras can recognize threats such as intruders or flames, offering 24/7 surveillance and threat detection capabilities.

Biometric Authentication Systems

Many luxury homeowners are now choosing to use biometric security systems rather than relying on outdated ‘traditional’ locks and keys. As well as beefing up security, these systems also serve as a log for who has entered and exited the property over a specific time period.

Biometric authentication systems may deploy facial, fingertip, or voice recognition (or a combination of these) to ensure that only individuals on an approved database can gain entry to the home.

Consider the Access Levels of Household Staff

If you’re the lucky owner of a high-end home, there’s a good chance you employ some household staff, whether that’s housekeepers, gardeners, cooks, or nannies. While your thoughts on home security may be focused on protecting criminals from breaching your home from the outside, it’s important to consider how your security could be compromised from within.

While having trust in your staff members is important – and proper screening methods will be a vital part of this – taking some sensible steps is a good idea. For example, you may wish to limit the rooms that your staff members can access via a door code system and ensure that access codes that are given out are always promptly changed when a staff member leaves your employment.

Use an Asset Monitoring System

For those homeowners who own valuable pieces of art, an asset management system could be an ideal option. These systems typically deploy wireless sensors, which are placed discreetly on the artwork. An alarm is emitted in the event that the piece is moved. The most sophisticated options can even detect changes in humidity and temperature and are able to work in conjunction with the rest of the property’s smart security system to provide holistic protection for some of your most valuable possessions.

The Takeaway: Choosing a Security System for Your High-End Home

Whether you own a luxury pad within a gated community or a sprawling rural estate, securing your home and possessions is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. Fortunately, there are now many options available that are designed specifically to protect high-value properties, from advanced integrated smart security systems to biometric authentication systems that ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access to your home.

The continuing advancement in AI tech is driving innovation in this field, and the near future is set to see ever-growing sophistication in the high-end home security scene, in step with buyer demand.


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