Outdoor Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

Outdoor Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

Most of us concentrate our home renovations and refreshes on the inside of our properties since this is where we spend the bulk of our time. 

However, if you want to do up your place for resale and get top dollar, or simply improve its look and feel for yourself, don’t forget to pay attention to the external areas, too. Some outdoor upgrades can offer excellent recreational and financial benefits.

Replace the Front and Garage Doors

One of the best tasks you can do to give the outside of your home a refresh is replace the front door and the garage doors. Swapping out a drab and dated front door for a stylish steel or wooden unit with new hardware and elegant window panels will help give your place an entryway that’s inviting and appealing. This feature then sets the tone for the rest of the property. 

Putting in new garage doors will also boost curb appeal and add value, especially if you opt for electronic doors to replace manually opening ones. While it can cost a few thousand dollars to put new doors on your garage, the investment should be worth it when you or others consider how good they look and how convenient they are to use. 

Work on the Home’s Façade 

Depending on your home’s structure, you may want to work on its façade, too. For example, it often pays to replace the exterior siding. This project sounds like it will cost a bomb and take forever to complete, but in reality, this job is quite cost-effective and quick if you know how to do it well or hire the right people for the job. 

A popular yet economical option is replacing siding with manufactured stone veneer. If you can’t afford to do work on the entirety of the home, focus your efforts on the front, as that’s what everyone sees when they first arrive. 

Add a Deck or Patio

With so many of us spending a lot of time outdoors these days, it pays to add an area outside your home where you or property buyers can relax, entertain, play, read, and more in quiet with privacy. After many people ended up stuck inside for more time than usual during the global pandemic, an interest in an outdoor haven to chill out in is more requested than ever. 

You can create helpful screening by placing plants around your property, but a more permanent structure attached to the building tends to be seen the most favorably. For example, you might like to install a wooden deck to use as a spot for grilling, getting together with family and friends, or even working for a change of scenery if you do your job from home. Decks are a major selling point to most potential buyers, too. 

You might also like to add a patio to your property to expand and enhance the outside living area. Consider putting a pergola or other roofing structure over this to give you privacy, shelter, and shade. Install some handy outdoor ceiling fans on the roof to keep the area cool during the summer months. Plus, you might want to buy outdoor gas heaters to ward off the chill during fall and winter. 

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

These days, most people want an outdoor kitchen they can use when entertaining during the warmer times of the year or where they can get some grilling done. Outdoor kitchens are incredibly popular with buyers, too. 

You might decide to go all out by putting in a big sink, inset grill, fridge, decent-sized countertop, and even dishwasher, or you can keep things simple yet functional with only a built-in grill and some storage. Either way, position your outdoor kitchen in a practical spot that won’t interfere with how you otherwise use the space. Choose easy to clean and maintain products, too. 

Some other outdoor upgrades to consider for your property include:

  • Replacing or adding landscaping, such as walkways, stone planters, hedges, shrubs and flowers, trees, mulch, etc.
  • Install a sprinkler system to help keep your lawn looking lush and green year-round.
  • Ensure you have enough outdoor lighting and that it’s well-positioned for safe movement around your yard after dark.
  • Build a fire pit for relaxing nights sharing stories, watching the flames, and toasting marshmallows with friends or family members.
  • Fence your property to delineate boundaries and make it easier to keep pets and children in and burglars out.

The above types of work will help you turn your property into a place you can use more, and increase its value to boot.


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