On The Move – 7 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Professional Mover

On The Move - 7 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Professional Mover

Since moving is a very complicated and frustrating task, many families opt to seek help in the name of professional movers. Unfortunately, not all movers offer the solutions you might be looking for. If it’s not a rogue mover, you might find some that don’t offer the services you need, like pet moving or temporary storage.

If you get the kind of movers you’re looking for, the whole moving process will be a no-brainer. A professional mover can free up your day and give you complete peace of mind throughout your entire move.

Here are seven professional mover characteristics.

1. Proven Track Record in Moving

A moving company that has been operating for some years must have experience handling many clients.

If you search them online, you’ll come across some of their clients and see what they have to say about the company. This information includes how they keep time, their rates, how they handle the belongings, and the quality of services, among other things.

A moving company with a proven track record will have praises from every corner. A good reputation doesn’t only mean good reviews but also how they relate to the community. It can also mean how they treat their employees and their sustainability goals.

2. Good Customer Support

How a moving company handles its customers tells a lot about whether they’re worth working with.

You can judge good customer support simply by making a call to their customer representatives. The customer care team should be well prepared to answer all your questions and explain how their services work.

Their tone of voice and mood when talking to the customer, either on-call or in person, also matter. You should look at how long they take to respond to customer queries. Do they answer the calls or reply to emails on time?

3. A Professional Mover Must Communicate

Constant communication with your movers is very crucial for complete peace of mind. This starts right from when you hire them up to the time they fully move you and unpack your items. They should keep you updated on everything they’ll do and their plans for the moving day.

Make sure you can trust them to answer your calls and maintain good communication. They should be responsive and attentive to all your concerns. A moving company that can remain in contact with your throughout the period will surely command your trust.

4. Get Quality Professional Moving Services

The best moving company should be able to ensure you get quality moving services. This means they should have all the resources, tools, and equipment to handle the entire moving process. Such tools include lifts for carrying heavy and large items like the couch.

Having the appropriate tools and resources required for moving assures you that your items are in safe hands. This will tell you they know how to handle everything and will move your items without damaging a single one of them. They should also have appropriate packing and wrapping materials for specific items.

5. A Professional Mover Should Be Licensed and Insured

To operate a moving company legally, professional movers need permits and certifications. The necessary documents prove that their employees are trained and certified to do the job well. In case such companies mess with your items in the moving process, you have the right to sue them and demand compensation.

But again, for you to get your compensation without trouble, the moving company also needs to have insurance. Having insurance means you’re protected against theft or damages to your property. In case such things happen, the insurance company will compensate you, and you won’t incur unforeseen losses.

6. Offer Transparent Moving Costs

Before hiring a professional moving company, you should know how much they charge for all their services.

A good company will have no problem giving you either a complete or an estimated quote based on the type of services you need. You should be confident that they have no hidden costs and won’t slap you with additional fees.

Many companies will give you their rates according to the hours they’ll work for you. Others will quote according to your moving distance or the weight of your items. You might pay more to move large items or heavy ones on a short distance than you would pay for lighter objects on a longer distance.

If they’re going to offer packing and unpacking services, they should tell you how much that will cost. Also, they should tell you why there are additional fees for your move and explain everything in detail.

7. Recommendations and Online Reviews

Before you start your search for a moving company, it’s a good idea to ask among your peers or family members. You might find some people among them who have used moving services before and can recommend good movers. They can also tell you if they had a bad experience with a certain company so you can avoid them.

When it comes to online reviews, first ensure the moving company you’re considering has a strong web presence. You should easily navigate their site, find out about their services, and go through the reviews section. Stay away from companies with tones of bad reviews to avoid trouble.

Don’t Fall in the Trap of Rogue Movers

It’s your responsibility to ensure your items reach the moving destination without any damages or uncertainties. Take your time to find a reliable, professional mover, and you’ll have peace of mind the entire moving process. Get a company that can tailor its services to meet your moving needs and provide an excellent moving experience.

Give it all your time, and you’ll never regret choosing the best mover for your needs. Once you find your ideal company, don’t stop there. You can still come back here for more tips on moving and settling into your new place.


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