The Most Exclusive European Resort Locations to Buy a Holiday House

The Most Exclusive European Resort Locations to Buy a Holiday House

If you’re fortunate enough to have the financial resources to purchase a European holiday home for your family to enjoy the summer season, congratulations. But with so many gorgeous holiday resorts throughout Europe, for many it can be fairly daunting task to make a buying decision.

However, for some, it’s likely that money won’t be too much of an obstacle to finding the right location for their family to kick back and enjoy. So, if you have no budget restraints, here are three of Europe’s most exclusive resort locations that make the ideal setting for a luxury summer holiday house.

Lago di Como – Italy

Lago di Como - Italy - The Most Exclusive European Resorts Locations to Buy a Holiday House

If you are seeking peace and tranquility with above all, then Lago di Como is the perfect destination for a holiday home, although the most prestigious of holiday properties on the lake are by no means cheap. Not only is it a playground for the rich and famous, it’s very much off the beaten track, some 90 minutes and over 52 miles from Milan by road, allowing you to truly switch off and unwind. The area is famed for its spectacular views of the lake and the isolated Lido de Lenno is a beach oasis that’s fun to enjoy with the locals and offers entertainment 24/7, transforming into a trendy outdoor bar when the sun goes down.

Lago di Como has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions and day trips as well. Ferries operate daily around the lake, transporting you between the quintessential towns of Bellagio, Menaggio, and Varenna. Bellagio is our particular favorite destination, with its raft of cosy restaurants and local musicians lining the streets. You can hire your own speedboats for an hourly rate, with the ability to zip around the lake and even catch a glimpse of the scene of the timeless movie Casino Royale at Villa Balbianello.

As the sun sets over the lake, there’s no better place to be than tucked away in the hills. There are a host of romantic, family-run eateries overlooking the lake that are the idyllic settings for a glass of Prosecco with some fresh pasta. It’s not cheap, but if you’re considering Lake Como as your regular holiday haunt then the bills are unlikely to put you off from soaking up the sublime atmosphere here.

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Monte Carlo - Monaco - The Most Exclusive European Resorts Locations to Buy a Holiday House

Situated in the tiny principality of Monaco on the tip of the French Riviera, Monte Carlo is one of the most glamorous and luxurious holiday destinations for anyone seeking a place to enjoy a few weeks away from home. With the prestige and glamour of the Place du Palais and the Jardin Exotique, as well as the opulence of some of the continent’s most sought-after restaurants, bars, and casinos, Monte Carlo’s luxury holiday properties will have you feeling a million dollars.

Undoubtedly, the highlight in the Monte Carlo events calendar is the Monaco Grand Prix, which has now been held over 75 times on and off since 1929. The Formula One World Championship brings its roller coaster of speed and excitement to the streets of Monte Carlo, with the city coming alive in and around the marina with boat parties and bars open all hours. It’s an event that’s on the bucket list of many sports fans around the world, and if you are fortunate enough to purchase a holiday home in the area, you too could experience life in Monte Carlo during the Grand Prix weekend each May.

Monte Carlo’s nightlife is centred largely on its casino scene, with the industry becoming entwined with the popular culture of the Principality. As a casino resort, there are few more recognizable settings in popular culture than Casino de Monte-Carlo, as proved by the raft of best-selling literature inspired by the area. Graham Greene’s 1955 novella, Loser Takes All, is set in Monte Carlo and is a tale of love triumphing over money and greed. Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the world’s most legendary casino and entertainment complexes, opened back in 1863, comprising a decadent casino room, a Grand Theatre, and Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. Until recently, all of the premises had been the primary source of income for the Monaco economy and the House of Grimaldi. The casino’s unmistakable décor also means this is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a plush and prestigious night out on the tiles.

Marbella – Spain’s Costa del Sol

Marbella - Spain - The Most Exclusive European Resorts Locations to Buy a Holiday House

Situated on the southern tip of Spain, Marbella is the jewel in the crown of the Costa Del Sol. This is a location of choice not only due to the fantastic beach, promenade and old town atmosphere, but also because of its property investment opportunities. The Spanish property market is buoyant once again and appears to be recovering from the recession, so if you’re looking for an exclusive Andalusian holiday home for your family, with the potential to make some money on your adventures further down the line, then Marbella makes for the ideal resort. According to Spain’s Ministry of Development, Andalusia is one of the few regions in the country to have average property values of $2,000 per m².

If you want to explore more of the Costa del Sol, renting a car in Malaga is a great option. Malaga is the region’s main airport and train station, offering a wide range of car rental companies and deals. With a car, you can easily drive to other charming towns and cities, such as Granada, Seville, Ronda, or Nerja, and enjoy the scenic views and cultural attractions along the way.

If you’re looking for a holiday home that offers some of the most exclusive nightlife on the continent, Marbella ticks all of the right boxes. It’s a bustling summer resort, with its population soaring by 30% in the warmer months and average sunshine hours reaching as many as 11 in August. Puerto Banus is just a stone’s throw from here, with its cosy marina home to a number of plush nightclubs and bars. Head down here in the summer, and you’re almost guaranteed to bump into some kind of celebrity. Marbella’s old town also caters perfectly for young families, with authentic family-run restaurants serving typical Andalusian fare in laid-back settings.

When only the very best will do for your next luxury holiday home, we’re confident that you’ll find something worth considering in any of the above regions. In each of the presented regions, you can rent luxury cars and take your vacation to a new level of comfort and magnificence.


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