Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

To folks unfamiliar, Texas can seem like a world of its own. Maybe it has something to do with the fact it’s the only state to have been its own country. Yet despite the maverick reputation and its seemingly “plain” way of life, the Lone Star State is still a place where folks can find the height of real estate luxury.

The luxury living options available throughout Texas are further made more comfortable by the culture of freedom found in the Lone Star State. For example, Texas electricity companies were deregulated by the state legislature in 2002, meaning homeowners are free to shop around for energy as they wish. This allows for large, sophisticated, and ultimately more power-demanding homes to draw energy from competitively priced sources.

To highlight the possibilities of luxurious living in Texas, here are the most luxurious neighborhoods of six of the state’s major cities:


Westlake, Austin, TX - Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

The capital city of Austin, Texas likes to brand itself as “weird,” but there’s nothing particularly strange about the posh parts of town. As far as the names of the most luxurious Austin neighborhoods are concerned, get ready for the urge to watch a western after hearing them: Rob Roy West, West Lake Highlands, Old West Austin, Westlake, and West Lake Oaks. Seemingly fewer conforming neighborhoods which nonetheless emit affluence include Barton Creek, Balcones Park, and Davenport Ranch.

Corpus Christi

South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, TX - Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

The tiny but ever active city of Corpus Christi offers some of the most beautiful ocean waterfront in all of Texas, rivaled only by Florida and California coastlines. Locals will affirm the Padre Isles is the most luxurious by far, but the homes found between Ocean Dr. and S. Alameda St. near Oso Beach are every bit as brilliantly designed and accommodating. The neighborhood known simply as the South Side is another luxury-laden part of town, while Central City offers plenty of downtown space for affluent buyers interested in beautiful balcony views of a city by the sea.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Westover Hills, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX - Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

If one seeks stunning architecture, genius interior design, and state of the art amenities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they have several neighborhoods to choose from. First on the list is Westlake, followed by Greenway Parks, and Westover Hills. Bedford, Stonebriar North, Russwood Acres, and Timberlake Princeton Park are also posh, if not a mild bit more modest.

El Paso

Coronado, El Paso, TX - Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

Compared to other major cities in Texas, El Paso is relatively low key – especially if you consider its sister city directly across the border. That doesn’t mean there aren’t neighborhoods where one can find luxury grade real estate. Starting off is Coronado, a posh part of town just west of Franklin Mountains State Park. Next up is Mountain Arroyos to the south, with slightly pricier real estate but with greater luxury to reflect the increase. The neighborhood of Sunset Heights is where most of the city’s elite reside, while High Ridge is where one will find the most expensive homes in all of El Paso.


River Oaks, Houston, TX - Luxury Living in the Lone Star State of Texas

The city of Houston, Texas is the state’s largest urban area and is consequently in no shortage of affluent neighborhoods. At the top of the list is River Oaks, followed closely by Southhampton Place, Royden Oaks, and Oak Estates. These luxury-lined neighborhoods are joined by West University Place, Tanglewood, Avalon Place, and Rice Court, but the list of best places to live in Houston keeps going and going.

Texas is a far less wild and working class than it likes to lead on, despite its famous free spirited and down-home approach to life. There are, in fact, plenty of places where Texans can experience life at its most luxurious. You just have to know where to look.


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