Luxury Home Marketing – How a Builder Can Increase Profits with Proper Lead Generation

Luxury Home Marketing - How a Builder Can Increase Profits with Proper Lead Generation

In this modern age, the competition in the business industry has grown tremendously. Gone are the days when businesses can simply rely on referrals or word of mouth to reach out to more potential customers. While technology has become a valuable partner, home building contractors have to continually compete for customers. Online marketing through lead generation and service quality must go together hand in hand for continued business success.

In today’s internet age, digital marketing has become a primary source of leads for many businesses. The home building industry is not an exception. If you need to beef up the client base for your home building business, home builder lead generation experts can get it done for you. But as a business owner, you can’t just throw away that responsibility without having a better understanding of how the right approach to lead generation works.

Here are some of the ways proper online lead generation can help drive higher revenue growth to your business.


Today when customers look for service providers, they simply take out their mobile phones or open their laptops and search the internet. Therefore, your online presence is your digital business card and has to begin with your own website for authenticity. This is usually the very first instance potential customers will get introduced to your services. So, make sure that your website is well designed and has all the information your customers will need to reach out to you, such as your contact number and email.

Expert Content

Capitalize on your expertise by showcasing your services through your website. You can do this best by starting a blog and uploading videos on your website and your social media accounts. When potential customers find you as a reliable expert in luxury home building, they’re more likely to hire you on their next home project.


It’s not just your expertise that will help attract customers; it’s also your ranking on search engine results pages. For this, you’ll need to use search engine optimization or SEO. Incorporate relevant keywords, use quality backlinks, regularly update your content, and make them interesting to customers. Aim for the first page of search results as well as a higher spot on the list. The higher the rank you get, the better chance you’ll get to attract more leads. To learn more about how Google Search works, read the SEO Beginner’s Guide by Marcus Anthony of Solespire.

Social Media

Speaking of social media, these platforms can increase exposure and raise awareness of your company. Make sure that you open a business account on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Other sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are great for home style and décor. Regularly post updates on your latest projects to entice potential customers to reach out to your company.

Target Audience

You need to focus on a specific home-building service for a specific audience. For instance, might want to focus your efforts on luxury home building versus repairs and renovations therefore make sure that you set your online marketing strategy to customers who are looking for what you are providing or what you want to offer.

Reviews and Ratings

Customer satisfaction will always play a key role in the success of any business and that is even more true today. Instead of just having customers spread the good word about your work to their peers and family, you can also have them leave a positive review and rating online, on your website, a review aggregator site, or your social media page. People who are considering your services will most likely do their research online so it’s very important to showcase your past client’s success for future customers.

Past Projects

One of the best ways of showing your expertise online is by featuring photos or videos of your past projects. Most potential customers want to see actual results that you’ve been involved with so that they can feel secure that they’re hiring a reliable company. Your company’s credibility is based on what you’ve accomplished in the past, so don’t be shy about overdoing it, but be selective to only display the best of what you’ve done.

Online Exposure

Online websites dedicated to luxury real estate such as The Pinnacle List are an invaluable resource to promote your projects for sale. The advantage is that you can elevate your luxury real estate offerings to a global level of marketing and promotion with an international customer base featuring unrivalled SEO including social media exposure all with a single post by your luxury real estate agent.


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