Solo Travel Money-Saving Guide For First-Timers

Solo Travel Money-Saving Guide For First-Timers

Solo travel is an eye-opening experience, and everyone must do it at least once every few years. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose your destination and itinerary. You can do things you want and explore places that fascinate you. But the cost is often a concern for solo travelers as you seldom get deals and do not have a chance to split your expenses. If you see the silver lining, you have more opportunities to save money when you are on your own. Here is a helpful guide you can rely on to cut down the expenses of solo travel.

Don’t fixate on anything

Flexibility is the biggest perk of holidaying alone, so use it to your advantage. Avoid fixating on anything- your destination, hotel, food, or travel itinerary. Start by creating a budget you are comfortable with, and then pick your destination and plan accordingly. Since all the decisions are yours, it is easy to make last-minute changes to avoid burning a hole in your wallet. Who knows, you may end up discovering a hidden gem!

Prioritize off-season trips

Since you cannot avail of group discounts on flights and hotels while traveling solo, choosing an off-season holiday is a good alternative to curb costs. Start researching early and check ticket and hotel prices during the off-season. You may find massive savings by delaying your trip only by a couple of weeks. Make sure that you check the weather and find an optimal timing when you do not have to stay indoors during the vacation.

Use luggage storage services

Using luggage storage services is an excellent money-saving hack you can try while holidaying alone. If you are smart enough, you can get a day extra in the city without paying the room rent. Check out early on the last day of the trip, store your bags with RadicalStorage, and explore the city until the evening. Book a late-night flight so that you can pick your bags from the facility and reach the airport on time. You can find reliable storage facilities in most cities around the world. 

Opt for homestays and hostels

While you can cut a day’s rent as a solo traveler with luggage storage, the choice of the right accommodation can help you save every day. Skimp expensive hotels, and opt for a homestay or a backpacking hostel. A little research can get you a decent place to stay without much hassle. The good thing is that you get to meet diverse yet like-minded people here, bringing benefits beyond cost savings. 

Explore free attractions

Every city has free attractions you can see without spending a dollar. Research online and have a list of these options even before you land at the destination. Join a solo travel group or seek insights from the locals to know more about such places to see and explore. Locals may even have some great recommendations for trying authentic delicacies without spending a lot.

Money-saving is easy when you travel alone, provided you do little things right. Follow these tips, and you can have the most incredible trips without pinching your pocket.


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