Luxury Home Garage Options – 6 Items to Add for Auto Enthusiasts

Luxury Home Garage Options - 6 Items to Add for Auto Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts are always looking for ways to add to the look and performance of their ride. With that in mind, your garage should have the same luxury treatment. Whether you own a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce or Mazda RX8, here are six items that you should consider adding to your luxury home garage.

Garage Floor Protection

Covering your garage floor with epoxy coating can make a drab-looking garage look new again. Better than paint, epoxy coating will give your garage a new, fresh and great look. Plus, it lasts forever. The options are endless: Apply a single colour or a textured look. Either way, applying some epoxy coating on your garage floor is a must for any gear head.

Solid Tire Storage Rack

An easy way to modify the look of your car is a quick change of the wheels. Thus, installing a tire storage rack will keep your garage looking neat and organized. More importantly, it will keep those expensive wheels protected. Now, owning any sort of car tire is up to you, but investing in a set of winter tires is ideal if you want to take your truck out during the snowy winter months.

Dependable Vehicle Lift

Gaining quicker and easier access to your car’s undercarriage is no problem with a lift. Since you likely often tinker with your car, why not spring for a lift that will make your life easier? Ultimately, you’ll be giving yourself more room and leverage when swapping out parts. Plus, remember the last time you tried to swap out the exhaust? I rest my case.

A Welder Can Make A Difference

If you don’t know how to use a MIG welder, now is as good a time as any to learn. Owning a welder can make many modifications easier to complete. How many times have you needed to take something apart and have it welded together? Save yourself some time by investing in this tool.

A Jump Starter When You’re Alone

Don’t buy just any jump starter; instead, check out the multi-use models with a lithium battery. These babies can charge phones and laptops as well as jump-start a car. Certain models can be used in the home in case of power outage. In the end, there’s no need to have another vehicle when a battery goes kaput. Just hook it up and be on your way — and make sure it’s part of your emergency car kit.

Tire Pressure Warning On Your Smartphone

Tire pressure systems use Bluetooth technology to warn you when your air pressure is low. Thus, there’s no need to invest in a manual pressure gauge. Maintaining a solid line of pressure will save your car on fuel and abnormal wear on your tires. Plus, it just might prevent you from having an accident. You can find these nifty gadgets on Amazon or any major parts dealer.

Of course, we could go on forever listing any number of cool gadgets and toys that are ideal and may one day wind up in your garage. But these six luxury items are sure to provide some level of inspiration to outfit your garage.


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