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The Luxury of Adventure Travel – 4 Tips to Get the Best Experience

The Luxury of Adventure Travel - 4 Tips to Get the Best Experience

The face of regular holiday and vacation tourism is evolving with more and more people choosing the luxury of adventure travel involving a wide range of unique and amazing experiences. Are you looking to put a little adventure into your travel? Up to 90 percent of Mountain Travel Sobek’s product is intended for soft adventure use, according to the company president and CEO, Kevin Callaghan. The idea of adventure travel has changed from skydiving and swimming with sharks to a more accessible sense of adventure that inspires us with new sights and experiences. Callaghan says adventure travel trends increasingly point to trekking, biking and wildlife watching.

Adventure travel is also embraced by baby boomers, families and solo travelers alike. There’s no limit on where you can go and what you can see in today’s travel economy.

Pick the best destination

This yearโ€™s adventure travel trends point to exotic and once nearly inaccessible places. Greenland hits the map for adventure travel as the country welcomes the International Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk in March 2016. Come to see the dazzling Northern Lights and stay for a day of dog sledding or ice fishing.

Head to Latvia and explore Kemeri National Park for a biologically diverse land known for its mineral waters. Rent a bike and cycle along the Green Dunes and go bird watching for the rare white-tailed eagle.

Mongolia’s sprawling countryside is dotted with Buddhist monasteries and nomadic families. An annual Naadam festival honors the nomadic lifestyle and skills. You can also enjoy the secluded country from the window seat of the Trans-Siberian Railway as it makes its way to Russia.

Leverage your smartphone

Leverage your smartphone and stuff it with useful apps to kickstart your travel adventure. Sure, it’s nice to unplug and go rogue, but you can access anything you need from directions, ocean conditions, survival skills and anything else you need in one handy device. Stock up on apps like Knots 3D to figure out how to secure tents, tarps and more with a mind-blowing 360-degree view to figure out exactly how to make it work. Check out Revant for a full app roundup, featuring apps like Rakkup, which gives you turn-by-turn navigation for hikes from veterans who have climbed them before.

Bring the right gear

You already know that a biking adventure requires a reliable bike and repair kit. But what about often overlooked gear like entry visa paperwork, a dry bag and resealable plastic bags? Walk through your best and worst case scenarios while adventuring to figure out what you’ll need on an average day. Start with the basics like moisture wicking t-shirts and underwear, a fleece jacket and hat. Then, move onto areas like an international health card with immunizations listed.

Solicit help

You donโ€™t really need a tour guide or travel agent to pull off the adventure of a lifetime, but it can be helpful when trying to piece together a complicated adventure travel itinerary. This especially holds true when friends and family are involved. Instead, find a seasoned pro who specializes in your destination to walk you through the options.

Steer clear of anyone pushing comprehensive packages you just don’t need or want, and gravitate toward those who respect your travel desires and thoughts. Ask about budget expectations and work out accommodations before asking for a complete itinerary. Do a final run-down of your list before committing and rallying your group to start packing.