The 7 Essential Luxury Add-ons For Your Home

The 7 Essential Luxury Add-ons For Your Home

We’re sure you’ll agree that adding a dash of opulence and luxury to the home isn’t a crime and although there might be a few things we’ve invested in that we don’t particularly need, they’ve certainly made our lives a whole lot more enjoyable. 

The home is our oasis, our castle so to speak, and getting pampered and having access to a few luxuries is one surefire way to make everyday life during lockdown, and beyond, a little more lavish and pleasurable. 

Whether you’re looking to indulge a little this year and really spoil yourself, or are looking to sell your home to luxury home buyers, we have a list of the seven essential luxury add-ons for your home below. 

1. Smart Technology

As we roll into the 2020s it’s imperative to go all-out on technology and foster a smart-home in every way possible. With connected lights, power outlets, garage doors and more, you’re going to make life a whole lot easier for yourself when it comes to security, comfort and simply being a little lazy when you want to be. 

We suggest investing in smart home tech that enables remote climate control, lighting, automated door locking and unlocking as well as connected faucets or taps. 

It’s always good to have everything in the home connected to your phone, and with these smart tech add-ons we’re certain you’ll be creating a home that you and potential buyers will love. 

A lot of these tech-focused add-ons may need to be implemented by a builder, so be sure to reach out to them for a quote. 

2. Outdoor Life Space Areas

Of course, your indoor kitchen should be packed to the rafters with luxuries like walk-in fridges, pantries and dual cooking spaces, though it shouldn’t end there. The outdoor spaces need some attention too. 

A big selling point in homes post-covid is the outdoor life space area. More than ever, we’re spending time at home, and getting outside is essential, so consider investing in a secondary kitchen for the patio and pair this with a dining area, backyard entertaining area and a pool. 

The primary focus for this outdoor space should be considering everything you need to keep you outside rather than asking yourself or your guests to constantly trek between the patio and the inside kitchen to get what they need. 

It might also be worth considering a wine fridge, a third food preparation area and a dual dining table and dining bar space depending on how often and how many people you like to entertain. 

3. The Boat and Golf Cart

The two essential modes of transport that every luxury home needs is the zippy golf cart to make those trips down the street or to the mailbox a lot easier, and a boat to head out on the water with friends and family for a relaxing day out. 

Whether you’re looking to get your hands on a fishing vessel or just a leisure boat, companies like Grays boats have a tonne of luxury-focused models that are going to help add the cherry on top of your luxury home. 

4. A Wine Cellar

To go hand in hand with our life space area, your home should also benefit from a primary wine cellar in the main compound, as opposed to just the small wine fridge in your outdoor life space. 

With this wine cellar, you can keep all of your favourite wines in the walk-in cellar and move them to the outdoor wine fridge we mentioned above when it comes time to entertain or when you have a big night planned. 

As we’re sure you’ll agree, keeping the party in one place is better than having your guests spread across the home looking for a secondary bottle of wine in the main cellar, so keeping everything in one place is a fantastic idea. 

5. A Home Theatre and Games Room 

Although becoming more typical in standard homes, the home theatre and games room remains an essential luxury add-on in our book. 

However, we suggest pushing a little further than just having a dedicated room and theatre seats for this and going all-out in creating a cinema-like experience. An interior designer and decorator will be your best friend here, and adding some theatre lighting, curtains, custom cinema chairs and a huge projection screen will give you the ideal look and feel you’re going for. 

The games room should also be given the same treatment, and should be connected with an ultra-fast internet connection too, which might require a 5G modem by the window or the basement ventilation system. 

6. A Spa-inspired Bathroom

As we can attest, trips abroad to some incredible spas have you craving this experience again and again, though getting your hands on it might seem a little far fetched. However, with the right team by your side, you can create a luxurious spa-like bathroom in your own home without too much trouble at all. 

Contract a designer and builder team and you’ll be able to pull this hotel-like opulence into your home and experience a near-replica of some of the best spas in the country right down the hall!

Our biggest tip is to go all-in on your walk-in shower, in-floor bath and towel warmers. With those out of the way, you’ll be on track to getting your daily stresses relieved with your nightly ritual thanks to the helpful spa bathroom. 

7. The Home Gym

When opulence and comfort is concerned, sweating it out at a public gym just isn’t on the cards, so it’s our biggest tip to bring the gym home with you — though make it even better. Of course, investing in all of your favourite equipment is essential, but consider other luxury add-ons like big-screen TVs, an internet-connected sound system and a cool-down room for those post-workout stretches and refreshing drink of water, a protein shake or an electrolyte mixture.


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