Living Large In Texas: Discover The State’s Most Desired Communities To Call Home

Living Large In Texas: Discover The State’s Most Desired Communities To Call Home

We’ve all heard the saying, “Everything’s larger in Texas,” and while that can be interpreted in many different ways, we like to think it has to do with the enjoyment of life. Known for its wide open spaces, mouth-watering BBQ, friendly neighbors and country music, the Lone Star state is also becoming a “go-to” for buyers interested in luxurious real estate.

Whether it be to find a sprawling ranch with acres of land, or an extravagantly designed estate in some of the most elite communities in the south, Texas real estate is quickly catching the eye of some of the country’s wealthiest buyers.

If you’ve considered buying luxury real estate in Texas, or are just curious to see what the state has to offer, check out the wealthiest places to call home.

Fair Oaks Ranch – San Antonio, Texas

Spanning across three counties, Bexar, Comal, and Kendall, Fair Oaks Ranch is a picturesque city located in the San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan area. With a small population (2021 census: 10,505), Fair Oaks Ranch falls roughly 27 miles northwest of downtown San Antonio covering just 8.5 miles of land.

Real Estate in Fair Oaks Ranch

Homes for sale in Fair Oaks Ranch are sprawling single-family properties that offer multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, large family rooms, finished basements and more. They are set atop graciously sized lots that feature mature trees making the homes private and comfortable, despite being set in a suburban atmosphere.

On average, the median price for a home in Fair Oaks Ranch falls just under the $800,000 mark, making it considerably more expensive than neighboring areas; however, with the expansive homes filled with luxury amenities, they remain sought after.

Monticello – Fort Worth, Texas

Situated just to the north of Texas Christian University, Monticello is a thriving and luxurious neighborhood located in Fort Worth. The popular community is ideally set near many of the city’s amenities. Due to its warm and welcoming atmosphere, buyers from all over the state jump at the chance to find their perfect home in Monticello.

Real Estate in Monticello

Offering a diverse real estate landscape, Monticello features a wide variety of styles and sizes when it comes to homes for sale. There are large, family-friend residences along with stylish and upscale townhomes and condominiums. Catering to families, retirees and business professionals, Monticello continue to gain attention from buyers throughout Fort Worth and beyond.

Due to its near-perfect setting, Monticello real estate remains valuable, with the majority of homes for sale surpassing the $1 million mark. While there are options for less expensive homes, Monticello continues to be one of the higher-priced communities in Fort Worth.

Addison – Dallas, Texas

An unincorporated community nestled directly north of Dallas, Addison is considered one of the most expensive areas to call home in the great state of Texas. Whether it be the amazing location, stunning real estate or nearly endless amenities, Addison continues to top the list.

With under 20,000 residents lucky enough to call Addison home, the small town is packed with things to see and do. From numerous bars and restaurants to family-friendly parks and more, one trip to Addison will be all that is needed to call in love with the community.

Real Estate in Addinson

Buyers interested in Addison real estate are in for a treat! The charming community offers a plethora of stunning homes, which include everything from trendy townhomes to stunning multi-million dollar estates. Many of the homes for sale in Addison offer sparkling pools, giving homeowners a slice of paradise in their own backyards.

While a fair chunk of homes in Addison are accompanied by a hefty price tag (some surpassing $3 million+), the town does feature a decent amount of budget-friendly homes for sale. Many of the townhomes and condominiums remain affordable; however, they boast luxurious amenities for owners to enjoy.

Round Rock – Austin, Texas

One of the fastest-growing cities in America, Round Rock is a beautiful and historical suburb located near Austin. Recognized as one of the best places to live in the state, Round Rock is the perfect blend between rural sanctuary and urban excitement.

With just over 123,000 residents calling Round Rock home, the thriving city is filled with winding trails, sparkling creeks, and a handful of parks and recreation areas to be enjoyed. On top of that, it is only about 15 miles north of Austin, so big city amenities are quickly within reach without encroaching on the relaxed vibes offered.

Real Estate in Round Rock

Homes for sale in Round Rock are a mixture of sizes and styles, making it easy for buyers to find the perfect match. Cozy bungalows are dotted among large family homes as the community welcomes first-time buyers, families and retirees alike.

So diverse are the price points found in Round Rock real estate, with homes falling on both ends of the spectrum. Higher-priced options are great for established, well-to-do families, and affordable choices are perfect for those looking to step into the market.

Texas has long been known as one of the best states to call home. Regardless of which city, suburb or town you choose to call home, one thing you can be sure of – there are endless areas which boast lovely homes, amenities and of course, neighbors!


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