7 Wishlist Worthy Home Features That Buyers Are Looking For

7 Wishlist Worthy Home Features That Buyers Are Looking For

When it comes to buying a home, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than your dream house. No matter how intimidated you may be by the housing market, you can indeed have your cake and eat it too. Some future homeowners place spacious garages and livable backyards at the top of their wishlist. Others might prioritize curb appeal or nearby school ratings. Whatever your wish list contains, every shopper looks for the same essential features. 

Whether it’s a charming modern farmhouse or a sleek minimalist build, these are the top seven features every buyer looks for in their forever home. 

1. State-of-the-art appliances 

A cook is nothing without their tools, especially when it comes to appliances. An updated microwave allows you to cook quick, delicious meals at a moment’s notice. Although a high-tech fridge offers specified storage options for meat, vegetables, and eggs, as of 2021, one of the most coveted kitchen appliances is a wall oven microwave combo. The multifunctional model takes up less floor space in the kitchen and offers a sleek appearance to the room. 

2. Hardwood floors 

Young families and style-fanatics alike understand the value of hardwood floors. The smooth surface is nearly impossible to stain, and the wooden material adds warmth to any home. As a result, hardwood floors have become the gold standard in flooring, and over 50 percent of buyers say they would pay more for a house that features them. 

3. Smart technology 

High-tech innovations are making their way into every corner of modern life, including the home. Voice-activated systems like Google Home and Alexa streamline everything from lighting to energy usage. Smart appliances, like fridges, make the most out of your culinary experience. Some models even include features such as video chat. 

4. An eat-in kitchen 

Formal dining rooms are on their way out in the modern home. Now, built-in breakfast nooks and spacious kitchen islands are top priorities for buyers. An eat-in kitchen is ideal for busy families and on-the-go homeowners, and they double as secondary food prep spaces. 

5. A finished basement 

A livable basement offers endless opportunities for a new homeowner. Whether it’s a home gym, a game room, or a home theatre, basements make the most out of a home’s square footage. Additionally, basement spaces make lavish mother-in-law suites and can easily convert to rental apartments. 

6. A separate laundry room 

Buyers are much less likely to put an offer on a home that stuffs the washer and dryer in kitchens or bathrooms. But a separate space for laundry is a big-ticket item, especially for move-up buyers. In addition, a full-sized laundry accommodates the endless cycle of laundry resulting from children and pets. 

7. A fenced yard 

Spacious backyard areas lose their appeal without an accompanying fence. Particularly for families with young children and rambunctious pets, an unfenced yard can pose a threat.  Furthermore, a fenced yard adds curb appeal to the property and is an opportunity for beautiful exterior design. 

Bottom line 

Shopping for a home can be a long process, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than your dream home. Whether you prioritize an eat-in kitchen, a move-in ready basement, or a full-sized laundry room, your forever home should have it all.


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