Life in the Bahamas – Find Your New Luxury Second Home

Life in the Bahamas - Find Your New Luxury Second Home

The Bahamas is an idyllic paradise with year-round sunshine and endless beaches with islands of soft white sand. Friendly locals, excellent amenities and only a short flight from the U.S. got us thinking about the possibilities. Why don’t you already have a second home there?

The Islands of the Bahamas - Aerial View

The amazing island life that many Bahamians enjoy has become a realistic possibility for many North Americans, and if you’re giving serious thought to a luxury second home, then you really need to consider the Bahamas. Pristine beaches, lush countryside, amazing food, friendly locals, and all within just a few short hours’ flying time. 

Atlantis Resort - Paradise Island Bahamas

The Bahamas were always considered a high-end luxury holiday destination, but in recent years, developers have put a massive amount of work into turning the short-break market into a second-home industry. At one time, your options for a break in the Bahamas consisted of five-star coastal resorts whereas nowadays it’s becoming more common for people to have their own property there.

Luxury Homes on Paradise Island in the Bahamas

But these are no cookie-cutter timeshare complexes. These are uber-luxurious coastal developments with incredible amenities; the very best in security measures, and of course, those incredible views of the ocean. But let’s get back to our properties; that is, after all, what this is all about.

Atlantis Residences on Paradise Island in the Bahamas

For many people that want to invest in Bahamian property, the main options are the resort complexes with nice condos, restaurants and all the amenities you’d expect from a five-star resort. Places like Atlantis residences have condos going for somewhere in the region of $1 million, with the most expensive units costing upwards of $3 million. These are fantastic places to stay, and while they are luxurious, you may want to get away from condo living and experience a more island-style way of life.

Villa Florentine - Paradise Island Bahamas

There are some incredible individual properties in the Bahamas like the stunning Villa Florentine. It’s a huge property within a secure gated community and boasts piers, a guest villa and of course, a pool. Many properties like this also give you access to a nearby five-star resort’s facilities but, let’s be honest, who’d want to leave a luxury villa to join the tourist throng in a hotel swimming pool?

Ocean Club Estates - Paradise Island Bahamas

There are literally dozens of properties like this that aren’t too far away from the sights and sounds of the main tourist attractions, all of which are designed and built to extremely high standards. But you know what? There are scores of other properties located in secluded areas, many of which have their own private beaches. And these are the properties that truly capture the imagination of second-home buyers.

Luxury Homes on North Bimini Island in the Bahamas

The surge in property development of the last decade didn’t just focus on apartment complexes and hotel-style properties. Many of the older houses and villas located throughout the islands were bought up and redeveloped to cater to the more affluent buyer’s tastes.

Hope Town Marina on Elbow Cay - Abaco Islands Bahamas

Swimming pools, private movie theaters, guest villas, private docks; many of the secluded luxury properties of the Bahamas have it all. But the best part is that on the main island where Nassau is located, you’re never more than a 45-minute drive from the airport, hospitals and shopping areas. 

Highbourne Cay Island Shipwreck in the Bahamas

Now we’re not going to get into all the water activities that you can get involved in on the islands, but suffice to say, if you can think of a summer outdoor activity, then you can probably do it somewhere on the islands. And when it comes to dining out in the Bahamas, you really are spoiled for choice.

Boating on Crystal Clear Tropical Waters in the Bahamas

Whether it’s for a well-earned retirement or sun-drenched vacations with friends or loved ones, the Bahamas offers a carefree lifestyle that could be perfect for your second home.


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