Studying Online – A Threat to Traditional Learning?

Studying Online - A Threat to Traditional Learning?

The number of online academies out there seems to grow every day. There is something for everyone out on the world wide web, from short courses for quick learning to full university degrees. However, though there is a push toward online learning, it’s not always the best option for students. That’s why we’re here with a look at online learning and all of its pros and cons. Is online learning a threat to traditional education? Let’s find out.

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is a form of studying that takes place online. Students can choose from a ton of variations, whether they are short courses to longer and more complex certification programs. Most of the time, online learning takes place in the form of a video lecture where the professor records the course and uses examples to enhance their teachings. Other programs are like college classes and require exams and homework.

Pros of Learning Online

Learning online comes with several benefits, which are most likely the reasons behind its success. We’ve listed out some of the top pros for learning online to show how it’s making a splash in the world of education.

Lots of choices

Perhaps the best thing about learning online is the number of choices that students have. For instance, they can choose a different academy, a different program, different lengths, and different start dates. There are a ton of famous online academies out there. So, when it comes to choices, students are not in short supply.

Start when you want

Unlike enrolling in a university, students have full freedom to start when they want when taking online classes. This is a huge advantage, especially in terms of students who are either working, have a family, or need to save up funds to start studying.

Go at your own pace

Additionally, when taking an online course, students can go at their own pace. That means that there are no deadlines to keep up with and, if you don’t feel like learning, you don’t have to. There are still websites helping students not to fall behind on assignments, as some courses come with due dates on specific assignments. However, as a whole, students can log in and learn whenever they like.Β 

Fewer distractions

When going to school every day, there are a ton of distractions. From other students to additional activities, to the pressures of being around others, it’s all there. When learning online, students usually do so from the comfort of their home and can move to areas where they are less distracted.


As far as learning and flexibility, students can choose when and where they login and learn. For example, if they work better in the evening, they can save some work for later. Also, if they or their parents like to travel, they can do so without worrying about their studies.

Costs much less

Lastly, studying online is a pittance compared to going to a university. Enrolling in a four-year program comes with huge costs and means students could be in debt for an extended period. Plus, students also have to invest in textbooks and programs to start, driving up costs to unforeseen levels.

Cons of Learning Online

Just like there are pros to learning online, there are cons, too.

Less interaction

One of the biggest concerns with online learning is that there is little to no human interaction. For instance, students log in and are constantly behind the screen, looking in on those that teach them. While they’re not distracted by classmates, they are not getting the benefits of social development either.

Less motivation

Besides, one big downfall is the lack of motivation that students can feel. For example, logging in and learning from a computer every day is dull. Students of all ages need a bit of activity or something to help them burn off some of their energy. So, in terms of motivation, students could lack a lot of it, unable to stay on top of things because they don’t feel like it.

Is the Future of the Classroom at Stake?

So, with online learning taking over the web, will the traditional classroom survive? In our opinion, it will take a bit before we convert to online-only classes. However, for now, it has already provided a clear advantage for many reasons. First, it has given a way to enhance learning in the classroom, and it has helped students that struggle. Plus, it enabled students to stay on top of their assignments, with some online helpers like best assignment services emerging on the market.Β 

Will the traditional classroom change? Yes, but not like we think. Human interaction is still a massive part of our formation and something that everybody needs. So, though it’s trendy, online learning will not wholly overshadow traditional learning and will still place second in terms of effective learning and teaching for students of all ages.


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