Let’s Make Your Home Winter Ready

Let’s Make Your Home Winter Ready

Now when the winter season is approaching officially, it is time to make necessary preparations. It does not mean we are restricting ourselves to taking out those woolen clothes but something more than that. 

How to make your home winter ready in few steps:

  1. The heating system – More than anything, you would need to have your heating system by your side. If you often store the heating system or machine without maintenance, there are chances that you would need to spend $80 to $100 additionally. But why pay this amount when you can cut such costs by keeping it repaired throughout the year. In case you are about to buy a new heating system, make sure to check if it comes with a manufacturer-rated efficiency or not. Your machine should match the national standards for residential heating and maintenance at all costs. 
  1. Say bye-bye to ice dams – If you witnessed some ice dams or icicles in the last winter season, take necessary steps to avoid it in this season. Here, you would be required to hire a weatherization contractor or home-energy auditor who can rectify the leaks and loopholes in the insulation process. If you keep it well-maintained, you may also get some rebate as an additional benefit.
  1. Heating oil tanks – Most of the homeowners keep a stock of oil tanks in their home backyard to survive in extremely cold days. Besides checking the oil tanks refilling, it is important to prepare your oil tank for the winter season on a prior basis. From keeping the oil fill pipe completely accessible to evaluating the oil tank gauge, there are a lot of aspects to check. 
  1. Don’t forget the roof – You never know how heavy snowfall winter is carrying for you. Before the snowflakes start to damage the roof, make sure you get it repaired. If there is any loophole or a missing shingles, hire a roofer or handyman who can fix those flashing seals to ensure your complete safety. In case you have a flat rooftop, like most of the Southwest homes have, blow off the pine needles and leaves. Otherwise, it may cause moisture damage. 
  1. Caulk doors and windows – If you keep the minor holes around the windows and doors open and unrepaired, you may need to reapply exterior caulk from scratch. Instead of landing upon such major hassles, why not give a try to much-preferred silicone caulk which does not shrink at all. You can add a layer of weatherstripping if required. 

Just like you, your home requires a degree of attention and concern to protect itself from the harshness of the winter season. From those chilly winds to snowflakes, there are countless unfavorable weather conditions which leads home to leave its essence and strength. This all happens when you neglect home maintenance. A well-maintained home is easier to keep warmer and cozier in the winter. So, do take care of your home to relish this winter season the most.


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