Key Tips on Improving Your Home Security with Door Security Hardware

Key Tips on Improving Your Home Security with Door Security Hardware

It can only take one unlocked door to invite burglars into your home. And the moment you leave one unsecured, you might be putting your personal items and potentially your family’s safety at risk. While getting a new monitored home electronic security system can be quite costly, your money is nevertheless well-spent by considering other less expensive options to get your family and personal possessions protected from intruders. There are several safety mechanisms that you can take advantage of to improve your home security, but none is more important than installing new door locking systems and door bars.

Securing your home with new door locking systems

Remember that the trend in home security is leaning towards electronics. While locks and keys remain the essential elements of home security, it may be about time to try a new card-operated locking system.

  • With technology advancement nowadays, a card-operated lock system can be a sophisticated security tool you can use to maximize your home’s overall protection.
  • For instance, a door security hardware functions by electronic means. The opening of the door happens only when the authorized person slides a card through a vertical slot. From there, the card information is processed by the computer, and once the data is validated, the door opens.
  • To understand how a card-operated lock system can contribute to improving the security of your home, here’s what you need to know about door security hardware:
  • It is flexible because lock codes can be changed through reprogramming.
  • You can allow a door to open only once and then cancel the access.
  • You can program a door to only open during certain times.
  • It can memorize the code of the last 20 cards used to access a door.
  • It can expire within a specified time.
  • There’s no need for rekeying.

Improving home security with door bars

While door security hardware and door bars act as efficient theft deterrents, it’s still best to plan their use in your home accurately by knowing what types of doors are exposed to intrusion. Here are some benefits of door bars.

  • A quality heavy-duty door bar can be helpful in stopping most attempts of forced entry.
  • When these mechanisms are installed correctly, these can make it hard for the burglars to kick in your doors.
  • Security door bars usually come in various lengths which make them adjustable. This means that they can accommodate multiple door widths that you can use to secure different types of doors.
  • They are easy to use. When not needed, lifting and removing them doesn’t take few minutes.

Tips to improve overall security

Whether you stay in a house, apartment or even condominium, you and your family’s safety should always be a foremost priority. You deserve to feel secure at all times. While these tools are particularly useful for protecting your home, they can also be an efficient way to help improve overall security in combination with the following measures:

  • Replace low-quality door locks with ones which are difficult for an intruder to break. Look for sturdy locks that offer the best home protection.
  • Reinforce your door’s possible weak points. Take a look at your door jambs and hinges.
  • If possible, take advantage of a quality storm door and keep it locked.
  • Switch out basic doors with high quality solid core wood, or metal doors.
  • Install motion detector sensor lights adjacent your home’s entry points.

Your home’s security can easily be tightened up by using new door security hardware or a door bar like The Linebacker Door Bar. A combination of these door security mechanisms can reduce the likelihood of you or your family ever having to deal with intruders.


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