Key Elements of the Perfect Real Estate Development Plan

Key Elements of the Perfect Real Estate Development Plan

The success of a real estate agency lies in how well they listen to their customers’ specifications, and how efficiently they come up with the perfect plan to conform to those specifications. The real estate is a domain that can give you high returns on your investment or could end you up in significant losses. The field is interspersed with risks, and the risks are equally debilitating for the real estate developers. That is why it is incredibly important for developers to write down a fool-proof real estate development plan before moving ahead with a project or pitching the idea to their invaluable clients. We shall be discussing some of the key elements of a perfect real estate development plan and enlighten you on why it is crucial to incorporate these elements into the blueprint.

Analyze Your Key Personnel

Every business banks on its human resources more than machines and technology to get through their projects. It is vital that you gauge the strength of your personnel so that it becomes easy for you to delegate work and decide upon the remuneration. Always draw up a hierarchy to understand how the chain of command flows so that there is no conflict of interests. If you have more than one person to run the project with you, it is important that you stick to the hierarchy. But if you are a one-person army, you might want to build a blueprint about how you are going to go about tending to the various aspects of the project. A well worked-out business plan is essential for real estate development, and it shall be wise if you could stick to the plan.

Think About Your Funding Strategies

A real estate project requires you to have a steady flow of funds to keep the project up and running. Therefore, it is required of you to think of your funding strategies before you can move ahead with the project. You must know where to access funds from and the right ways to go about the same. No real estate project can move forward without being sure of the sources of money and the continuity of the same. You need to have the perfect plan about where and how much it is that you need to invest, and the right partners to team up with. Be very careful about choosing the right partners because they shall be entitled to the profits and efforts of the investment, and therefore, it is so very important that you team up with the right people.

Chalk down Your Acquisition Criteria

Planning your acquisition criteria is a major part of the development strategy. However, you must also be careful about the projects that you wish to target in the future. This criterion is quite a personal one and is a subjective affair. Different real estate companies have different acquisition value, and you must plan your acquisition criteria based upon the structure and resources of your company. Do not aim beyond your limits. Things will not work out that way. Take note of the timescale of projects, exit strategies, project prices and other factors that you want to target. Once you are clear about your acquisition strategy, you can approach the right agents and partners and go ahead with your project without any glitch.

Factor In Your Returns on Investment

Every investment must come with returns, and you need to factor in these probable returns before going ahead with the project. For instance, think about the profit that you could make on the revenue and the cost, and calculate your internal rate of return. Your investment in a real estate project must give you at least some returns, lest you shall be left with no consequential gains at the end of the project to speak of.

Finally, Plan Your Exit Strategy

Once you have incorporated all the aforementioned points in your plan, you must think of the perfect exit strategy. What do you intend to do with the project once it is complete? Do you wish to buy it, sublet it or sell it? Determine all the costs associated with each of these options and how much you are entitled to gain before settling on one option. There will be a difference in the way you pay your taxes with each of these options, so be careful about what you choose.


It is very easy to go wrong with your real estate project, which is why it is important that you have a development plan put in place before you consider going ahead with a project. It is important to remember that the real estate marketplace is susceptible to potential risks and gains alike. Therefore, you must be careful in every step you take to avoid being caught up in legal or financial troubles. And a working plan is the first step to reach this goal.


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