Increase Your House Value with Blinds and Shades

Increase Your House Value with Blinds and Shades

Everyone wants a beautiful home, and scouting for one on the real estate market that is affordable and beautiful can be challenging. There are often cutbacks in buying a home that needs significant remodelling. Still, if the house or apartment already had the best parts of its aesthetics upgraded, it is easier for the buyer to settle on a price. If you are in the market to sell your home and want to get the best price for it, adding a few additional features might make the price escalation easier.

Blinds are one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s quality and be one of the most affordable options.

From Curtains to Blinds

Curtains have always added a classic look to any room. It gives a sense of class and style when you pair it with the right furniture, but with the popularity of minimalist looks growing by the social media post, it is becoming more evident that blinds are the future of modern homes. You can choose from a wide selection of blind styles to match the shape of your home or apartment’s windows and aesthetics. All you need to do is make sure that a professional blind fitting company does it when you have them installed. Even though many hardware manufacturers give you the option of hanging your blinds, you would be better suited to hire a company specialising in the framework and the type of blinds you need for each room.

Choosing The Perfect Blinds

If you are in the market for blinds and look specifically for a Worcester blinds company, then you need to bear the following in mind:

  • Your budget: Will the improvements you want to increase the house’s value with a high enough percentage to cover renovation costs at a profit?
  • Naturally sunlit areas: Lots of sunlight can be damaging to the blinds in the long run. Would putting blinds in these rooms be a great idea?
  • Numbers of rooms: Would you like to leave some of the rooms in your home with curtain railings to add class, or would you prefer to stick to one minimalistic theme throughout the house?

The Best Blinds for Each Room

  • The bathroom can fall prey to mildew, and you would need to consider your water sources in that space. Faux wood or vinyl shutters would be the best choice to have fitted. It is easy to clean and isn’t susceptible to moisture.
  • Rooms that receive a lot of light can go one of two ways: lots of light could be allowed through the gaps in the blinds, or there could be no light allowed through at all with solar shades.
  • Duette blinds will block out all the light without any side panels. The blinds are fit at the window’s entire width, so you have little to no light coming through the slats.
  • Roman blinds are a good choice, but they would need a black lining if you would like the light to be blocked entirely out once you’ve drawn them. However, if you choose to leave them without the lining, it can create a warmer glow in the morning, which might be a more pleasant look to wake up to in the bedroom.
  • Privacy wooden Venetian blinds shut the light out entirely, and unlike regular wooden Venetian blinds, it has no gaps between the slats. The frame fits the window completely, so you have no light around the top of the structure either.

The Living Room

You might want to consider leaving the curtain rails up in the living room. It is a larger space and can become cold during winter. Even though blinds provide a clean, minimalistic look, the new homeowners might find a family room’s warmth better with fabric curtains instead of blinds. Curtains in a living room give the area a more sophisticated look, making the room feel like a home. These windows are usually more extensive than the rest of the house, and adding blinds might be very costly.

When trying to increase your home’s price during a sale, it is best to consider how convenient it would be for the new owners if you decided to fit the entire house with blinds. New homeowners might find it difficult to adjust to having no curtains. They might find it inconvenient to clean if the windows are big, so discuss the matter with your real estate agent to get an idea of what exactly buyers prefer before you spend excessive amounts on fitting new blinds.


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