How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Have you been neglecting to use hashtags on your Instagram posts because you think they are pointless and a waste of time? Do you have a hard time thinking about really good hashtags for your posts, but completely disregard the most popular hashtags around?

One feature that many social media platforms have adopted and has become an essential part of practically all posts on Instagram is hashtags. Hashtags are one of the most underrated and misused tools that Instagram has to offer, as they have become an incredible way for businesses and brands to market themselves to a much larger audience than they would typically be able to.

Hashtags have become synonymous with Instagram. If you want to learn how to use hashtags effectively, what they are, and what they can do for your account, here is everything you need to know.

Do they create engagement?

This is a question that many businesses ponder on because they have come to know that engagement is key when it comes to marketing on social media. There are many growth services that specialize in this, by engaging on your behalf while you focus on creating content, similar to Growthoid. The answer is yes, because in order to have engagement your content needs to be reaching people, and not only that but it needs to be reaching people who would most likely be interested in it.

By making use of hashtags, you are putting your account out there for many more people to see, which means that there are more people who might be interested in your account or content. These people will more likely comment on or like your post, or even possibly follow you because of the content you have posted.

What are the benefits of using them?

Many people tend to use hashtags incorrectly or not all, which in turn results in them not receiving any of the benefits they have to offer. Hashtags are not just a fun thing that you can add to your posts to make them look a little more trendy, but when used correctly, they can actually add so many advantages and benefits, whether you are a business or an individual real estate agent.

One of the biggest benefits of using hashtags is just being able to reach an audience that doesnโ€™t follow you yet. When making use of a hashtag, you are using keywords that would most likely target a niche audience, which means that another benefit of using hashtags is that it allows you to directly target your desired audience that you think will be most interested in your content. Lastly, the biggest benefit of all is that you can make use of popular hashtags related to your content, which means that your posts will be able to reach potentially millions of people that it may not have been able to reach without the hashtag.

How to add one

Adding hashtags to your posts on Instagram is not difficult at all. In fact, it is one of the easiest tools to make use of on Instagram. If you are wanting to add a hashtag to your caption for a post going on your feed, all you need to do, is beforehand, search what the most popular hashtags are relating to your posts, and then when you get to actually posting it, in the caption section you will type in via a pound sign and then follow it with the word that will activate the hashtag. Make sure you donโ€™t put a space between the pound sign and the word as this will not make it a viable hashtag. While typing in the word, a suggestion will most likely pop up, where you can also scroll down from there and choose which hashtag you would like to select. After that, you just need to post the post and youโ€™ve successfully created a post with a hashtag.

Use ones that are relevant

Possibly the most important tip of all when it comes to using hashtags is to make sure that you use ones that are relevant to your content. Many people will just use as many of the most popular hashtags they can find, but this has no benefit to you or your account because you are not targeting the right people, and you need to do it correctly in order to quickly gain Instagram followers. Not only this, but you will also come across as spammy and have the potential to have your account blocked.

How many to use and tips

When it comes to using hashtags, there is a point where there can be too many in your posts. You can always be on the opposite side of that and have too few. Both of these have their own issues, so it is always best to stick with a happy medium. The best number of hashtags to go for is always around 4 or 5 per post. This will make it look clean and professional and not too overcrowded.