How To Safeguard Your Home Valuables

Your home is supposed to be the place where to return to every day to rest, enjoy yourself, and generally feel safe. The unfortunate part is that many of us either live in neighborhoods known for crime or simply fall victim to being the wrong house at the wrong time.

Break-ins happen sometimes, but that isn’t a thought many of us want to have. However, instead of sitting around wondering if your home valuables are safe when you’re on vacation or anywhere else, why not actually take action to protect what’s yours?

Yes, home security systems always have their place, letting you know when someone approaches your doors or enters the field of your security cameras. But there are some other steps you can take to feel safer in your house.

Here are a few of those:

Lock Everything, Every Time

Too many of us have that trusting persona that tells us it’s okay to leave the house with windows and inside doors unlocked. The thing is, to a would-be thief, locked screen doors and open windows don’t present much of an obstacle to breaking in and stealing things.

Get into the habit of locking your windows and doors before you leave, and do it every time. Even if you’re just running out for five minutes, don’t take any chances. Your home security could be worth that extra effort you put in.

Don’t Leave Valuables Out

Even if the worst does happen, and someone ever breaks into your house, you can still take steps to make it harder to find your valuables. While you’re out of the house, and a thief is attempting to take the good stuff and leave, you can thwart those plans by having your jewelry in a locked box that’s hidden away in a drawer.

Don’t keep a lot of cash in the house, and if you ever do need to have it, don’t just toss it on the table and walk away. Keep it in a safe or the freezer or some other odd place. It could make all the difference.

Get Basic Home Security

Even the most basic of home security can go a long way for you. Something as simple as one or two motion lights around your home can act as strong deterrents. The same goes for security cameras that connect to your wifi and that you can view anywhere from your phone.

Even the sight of these things can send a thief moving on to the next place. But cameras and lights also do things beyond deterring thieves; they can actually help you to catch one if you’re being vigilant.

Home security often comes down to common sense. Keep these tips in mind when you’re thinking of making your home a safer place to live.


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